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If you climb the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka in Bhopal City, you can have a wide view of the trees and the impressive landscape. Many tropical trees grow here as well as teak trees. These rocky caves are said to be the oldest traces of human life in India.

Bhopal To Indore By Bus


The historical Holkar Palace in Indore is a testament to the great past of Holkars and has a mixture of Maratha, Mughal, and French style architecture. The monumental building of stone and wood is flanked by bastions and is peppered with balconies and a remote star. One enters the courtyard by a raised arch over a massive hall that is equipped with iron rivets and wooden door. A small museum gives an insight into the history of the Holkar dynasty.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bhopal to Indore.

Bus Ticket From Bhopal To Indore

The distance between Bhopal to Indore is 221 kms. The Bhopal to Indore bus route is covered by 61 bus transport companies with 6 scheduled departures that you can fit your time with. On average, the Bhopal to Indore travel time is 3 hours and 15 minutes. The principal transport takes off around 01:30 AM and the last bus transport leaves at 23:30 PM. The cheapest Bhopal to Indore transport admission is offered at US$ 28. To place early bus transport reservations and know the exact fare rates, check from this site:

Bhopal To Indore By Bus

If you choose to travel via a rented van or car from Bhopal to Indore, it is convenient and the travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Train Ticket From Bhopal To Indore

There are 15 train companies that offer daily railway transport service from Bhopal to Indore. The travel time is 3 hours and 35 minutes. The first train departs from 06:00 AM and the last at 15:20 PM. The cheapest fare can be bought at US$ 15. To learn more, visit:

Airplane Ticket From Bhopal To Indore

There is no direct air transport service from Bhopal to Indore.

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