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Best Restaurants In London For Dining Indian Menu- Benares 

Trying to hail a cab in the sea of Olympic tourists may be nigh impossible.  Traverse London on foot; Travel with Carnet has a number of walking guides and shortcuts; hotel, restaurant and cultural recommendations.


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Situated just on the edge of Hyde Park, The Mandarin Oriental is within walking distance of many museums, Buckingham Palace, and the renowned shopping districts of Mayfair and Soho, but removed enough to provide respite from the throngs when needed. 


Museums and Galleries

Explore the best of London’s museums in three days with Travel with Carnet’s museum and gallery guide; must-sees are arranged by neighborhood for greatest efficiency.


Benares Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurants are all the rage in London.  Try the exotic dishes of hot up-and-coming chefs in London.  Several of the best restaurants are located in the Mayfair/Soho area.


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