Best Locations For Breaks And Holidays

Whenever you are thinking of places where you can spend quality time without been disturbed by crowd, you should be thinking of places like Tucson or Fiji. A lot of people are always heading to Paris or London but what about some quiet and exotic places in the world? We have listed some of the great places where you can dine literally with Mother Nature and have some of the best time with your friends and families.



The first place is taken by the Tucson; this place is located in the southern region of Arizona. Tucson offers the southern landscape of the unique setting. This place is given complete understanding by the help of warmth and classiness. The Tucson is a bright place for a beautiful wedding being organized. The best time for the wedding is the months of June and July. The summer months are very friendly for the couples to say ‘I Do’. Overall, Tucson is warm round the year; but the temperatures usually increase in the months of June and July. A gorgeous sunshine and underneath a couple is getting hitched.



Fiji is special because the lush green is applicable in this area. Honeymooners find Fiji very romantic due to the specialty of its mystical appearance. The private bungalows in Fiji are very beautiful. The Fiji Island covers all the beautiful things in the world. Islands have always earned the place of admiration in terms of honeymoon area. The honeymooners be supposed to experience that their love is complete and their own. The Fiji Island and its serene beach give the ambience for the honeymooners. The only network connections which work here are T-Mobile & AT&T wireless cell phone connections.

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Prague, Czech Republic


You are going stand in front of fairy tale castles, mingle with the locals, stand out in your pictures and have a romantic wedding ceremony in Prague. This is where a lot of elopements happen because it is only those who dream big that come to Prague.



Greece is known for its tradition, sophistication and aristocracy. A newlywed couple who is more into the adventuring around is best known for choosing Greece for their honeymooning. Greece is a cool place for going honeymooning. The antique paintings and sculptures are cool and classy. The nightlife is Plaka district is very cozy and sultry. The couples can always relax and enjoy their time out in the beautiful beaches. The tickets have to be booked through online website.

Sea Island

sea island

The fourth place is given to the Sea Island; and it is given the occasion with the Georgian retreat. The Sea Island has the best option with the wedding factor and it can be best held during the months of summer and spring. The bright sunlight and the beautiful spot are best suited with the Sea Island. The Georgia gives a very classy touch to the wedding style and statements. The oceanfront is very romantic and alluring with the presence of all the beautiful factors required.

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