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Men have no business in these getaways because it is strictly for ladies-girlfriends. It is only you and your girlfriends. There is no office work on the agenda except catching fun, jumping from one airplane to another, crossing borders, partying around and spending time in some of the loveliest and friendly getaway destinations for girls. We would be taking you through the top destinations where you can have fun to its fullest, bond with one another, try new activities and explore the world without the interference of men.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want to paint a town pink with your girlfriends, come to Las Vegas, Nevada. The fun in Las Vegas does not seem to end. The sassy girls would always love this place that got all that any girl may dream of. Everything that happens in Vegas does not remain the same with girls who would always talk loud about it after their getaway when they get home. The allure, charm and beauty that Vegas present to girls cannot be fully explained. The overloading and visual impact that hit the sense from the polo dancing classes to the casino tables is simply irresistible.

The Bahamas


It takes an hour by air if you are coming from Miami. This Caribbean is an ideal getaway destination for girls. Two destinations in Bahamas make the whole difference; the home of the Atlantis resort (Upscale Paradise Island) and the Baha Mar resort area that is more affordable. The breakfast, ocean view from the home, snorkeling, cocktail and lots more are what Bahamas got for the ladies.

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Take the girls to Anguilla and they would cherish every moment there. There are so many things that you can do when you come to Anguilla. There are over 30 beaches for you to explore and the fine dining settings are embarrassingly gorgeous. The outdoor activities are awe and the food brings salivation immediately the aroma hit the nostrils.

Waikiki, Hawaii


There are a lot of things that drags ladies to Waikki, Hawaii. The surf, sun and shopping experience are simply out of this world. Even though Hawaii has been dubbed the lovers’ paradise but it is not just love, smooching that you find here. The sun, nightlife, nightclubs, bars and lessons taken in different life niches make Hawaii, a must visit place for a lady who wants to make an escape away from office.

New York City, New York

New York

Forget the bustling life of New York City and think of a city break if you are coming with girls. There is just so much for you to do here. Shopping is one of the many reasons why you should come here and have fun. You are going to shop until mama start calling you from home to save money for your flight back home. You would meet a lot of new girlfriends who came to the city for the same reason that you came here. New York is one of the best places for your getaway any time of the year.

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