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I’m planning on travelling to Argentina this time next year along with my housemate. Can anyone tell us of any unheard of backpacker havens? Somewhere chilled but with the chance to meet some cool people. Cheap is always good too ::)

Also.. are there any places that won’t be safe for two girls travelling alone. We will most probably stick out as tourists being blonde and blue-eyed.

Any info would be much appreciated

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I answer you since I like blue with blond eyes. (By the way I am free  )
    Being Blue with blond eyes in Argentina will not stick you immediatley as tourist, since I personaly met a whole lot of argentinian girls, which are blond and have blue eyes, It is very common here.
    However I admit blue and blond eyes always attracts other people attention 
    Argentina is pretty safe, I have met on my trips to Bs As, lots of girls from different Countries especially Australia, Ireland & UK, that traveling by theirself. (i.e. only one girl by itself), they always felt safe, since Argentina is very safe compared to Brazil, or other south america countries. So you really do not have to worry about safety in Argentina 

    And if you still worry about safety, and a bit afriad to travel both of you alone…. Why not Making some new friends?
    A cool hostel that you guys can meet people is Milhouse (you can book it for instance in, Milhouse is cheap only 10$ a night for a shared room, and the good thing about

    travel forum Milhouse is that it is very easy to make new friends there, first because you guys are girls, second you are blond and have blue eyes, third milhouse has a nice bar inside the hostel, pull table, and they organize monday and thursday a party inside the hoste, a great and easy way to meet new peoplel. You really gonna like Milhouse.

    Yes you hear it well, a Dj comes to the hostel the girls get drunk, and you know a reall party. Then they turn the music off at 2 am, and all the people from the hostel go directly to the night clubs in Bs As that start just about this time.

    Note that there is a new Milhouse now (2 blocks away from the old Milhouse) it is opened 4 month ago, I have been in both, And I personally prefer the old Milhouse (located in Yirigoyen 959), since the old Milhouse has more party atmosphere, and the bar is much bigger. The new milhouse building is newer and looks from the inside more beautiful, but the old Milhouse has like more party atmosphere, and it is easier to meet people in it.
    You can see a discussion about hostels in buenos aires in this forum by following this link

    and have fun 


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