Beijing 15th Of November

Ill visit Beijing 15th of November..Is it snowing in November.. Ill stay for 6 days.I have a list for most of tourist attractions in Beijing which I collected from the net.I want to complete most of them.I would be grateful if you arrange according to distance between each other.If I missed any other important place?? Is all worth visiting?? Thanks

1- Aviation Museum

2- Beijing World Park

3- Badaling Great Wall

4- Ming Tombs

5- The Forbidden City

6- Beihai Park

7- Tiananmen Square

8- Summer Palace

9- Temple of Heaven

10- Yuan Dynasty Dadu City Wall Relics Park

11- Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan )

12- Cherry Valley Botanical Garden

13- Jingshan Park

14- Shidu

15- Jingdong Grand Canyon

16- Black Bamboo Park

17- YuanMing Yuan Park

18- Purple Bamboo Prk ( Zizhu Yuan )

19- Lugou Bridge

20- Long Qing Xia ( LongQing Gorge)

21- zhongshan Park

22- Niu Jie Mosque

23- National Stadium (Bird’s Nest).

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2 thoughts on “Beijing 15th Of November”

  1. Most attractions you choose are rather classic, and you are also recommended to visit the Confucius Temple in Beijing, where you’ll have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.




    Ming tomb and lama temple are not on the list, I think it is very tight for you to visit all the places, some place like longqing gorge and grand canyon need almost a whole day visit. and far from downtown beijing. generally there will be no snow in Nov. in beijing. have fun



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