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Inverness is blessed by Mother Nature with great water worlds, attractive tourist locations, beautiful landmarks and a haven for those who love living life to its fullest. This is one place in the world where a lot of tourists visit with thing in mind, to explore and go for hunting in Scotland. There are lovely places to rest and eat. The ancient city of Inverness still stands proudly in the modern city, blending together to be one of the enchanting places you can spend your holidays. Travel to Inverness and enjoy exclusive traveling and holiday packages that would give you a first class treatment when you move around the city.

Places of Interest in Inverness

The first place you may love to visit when you are in Inverness is the Inverness Castle, it is the house of the Sheriff court. Though, you may not be allowed to see the inside. It is worth trying to enter. You may never know if you would be the first visitor to enter inside the castle. However, you are free to enter the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery . This museum houses a collection of wildlife diorama and Pictish stones.


The oldest church in the city, the Old High Church has a historic tour every Friday in June to August. We must tell you that there is the Titanic Inverness Maritime Museum (Titanic Museum), you would definitely fall in love with this museum that have the city’s nautical artifacts and large ships.

The picturesque River Ness can be seen flowing through Inverness. A lot of tourists are seen talking a stroll to the Caledonian Canal from here. This is one place to reflect and have a nice time out with friend. There are lots of activities from watersports to golfing that you can engaged in when you are here..

The food is exceptional and there are lots of good restaurants for you to eat in. Not to forget the luxury hotels that are available in some of the finest destinations in Inverness.

Inverness Airport (INV)

Inverness Airport is located at Dalcross which is 13Km north east of Inverness. This airport is visitor’s main gateway to different cities in Scotland and the United Kingdom. It handled over . 600,000 passengers in 2013.

Inverness airport

Hotels & Accommodation

In Inverness, the exiting is an unending one which is the reason why hotels have become something you should think of when you want to relax. There are different classes of hotels here which ranges from the budget hotels and the luxury hotels where you are treated to some expensive services.

Car Rental

From Inverness Airport, you can make use of numerous car rental services that ranges from the sedan vehicles to the Limo services that can help you move around the city.

The Best time To Visit Inverness

The best time to visit Inverness is in the summer months of June to September. This is when the weather is friendlier and tourism is in its peak.

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