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The City Of Fukuoka


This is Japan’s third largest island that lies in the Southwest of the country. You are going to enjoy sashimi, sake and sushi when you are here. People come here with open mind ready to explore with a pair of chopsticks the first time. Food is exotic and the people are warm and friendly. Fukuoka is located below the Genkai Sea. Do you want to have an amazing thing in Japan? We mean a place of quietness and beautiful landscapes, if that is your desire, then we would be taking to you to Fukuoka That name may not sound familiar to you because it is one of the hidden secrets of the country.

Siem Reap Town

Siem Reap Town

Siem Reap town located in the North western part of Cambodia is a place for all who love mountains and shopping. It also has the rural experience and good for those who are tired with the monotonous urban sprawl. The place has good natural features that fill it with tranquility. Cambodia has a beautiful countryside. A visit to Cambodia will enable one experience the tranquility of rural life and timeless landscape of swaying sugar palms and dazzling rice paddies. The serenity in this place is wonderful as one will be able to unwind and enjoy the cool experience. It is a good feeling that one should not miss during his visit to Cambodia.

Djenne, Mali

Djenne, Mail

Djenne is one of the oldest cities in the Sub Saharan Africa, located on an island in the Niger River delta. This was one a natural hub for traders and has suddenly became a center of Islamic learning. This market square is dominated by a Grand Mosque. The market is still held and a lot of tourists are always coming here for their business transactions. You can come here during August/September. Mali is the land of tourism, you would find Mother Nature’s most amazing wonders on landscapes, experience some rare cultural displays and festivals, forget civilization and blend perfectly with locals drinking palm wine and roasted fish and have that romantic trip you ever desire.

Kani Goten

Kani Goten

It overlooks the Ariake Sea, where you would see some of the finest nori seaweed in Japan and these weeds are known for their subtle flavour. This has become one of the places that tourists visit in Japan without getting chocked with the busy cities of the country. If you really want a quiet time with your spouse and family members, then you should be here. We must tell you that food is what makes the difference in this part of the world. You can learn how to live a very healthy life with food and tea. Life is really beautiful and that is what makes the island of Kyushu a place to be.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

South Africa is not complete without Cape Town, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers a lot of beaches that are impressive and beautiful, the Table Mountain that is at the center of the city, there are classic restaurants and great wines to taste.

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