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My parents want to go to Argentina in Januari 2009 and they were wondering what the cheapest airlines were and what kind of places they would have to go to. Please help me on this matter because.. well, if they find it to their liking it would mean I would be rid of them for a couple of weeks Cool

So I’m just looking for these things:
– Cheapest, or in comparison cheap airlines. (From the Netherlands, or any other country nearby, they could drive to Brussel for example)
– It would be VERY nice to be able to get a rental car.
– And last but not least, places worth sightseeing. And now don’t list everything but places within a like 50 to 100 KM radius of the airport.


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  1. Have been to Argentina 5 times and every time used another compagny as they were the cheapest at the moment of booking (Alitalia; Air France and Iberia). It’s just a matter of comparing prices and falling on a publicity or so, I don’t think one airline can be called ‘cheapest’.

    [i]Renting a car at the airport of Buenos Aires is no problem at all, but bringing it back is a bit more tricky as you have to drive through a part of Buenos Aires (city of ? 13 million people….). You always stay on the highways, but it’s not really easy….[/i]

    I’m wondering about the last question though… They don’t want to go any further than 50-100 km from the airport ? Isn’t that rather stupid ? Flying all the way from Holland and than only visiting Buenos Aires (which is all you can see if you don’t want to go further than 100 km). In that case, forget about a rental car and use the public transportsystem of BA Wink Visiting Argentina means travelling, by car or by air, but stil : travelling….

  2. For cheap flights, check TAM Airlines.

    I'm not sure if they fly from the Netherlands, but I know they fly from Paris and London. Check on expedia.Com to find more companies.

    You don't mention for how long your parents want to come. Argentina is a very large country, and if they want to cover different destinations it will be wiser to book internal flights, or to travel for longer time…

    I wouldn't recommend renting a car in Argentina, especially if it's their first time here. The traffic is crazy here and Argentine drive like maniacs they are really crazy on the road, like the italians. They will be safer and more relaxed if they just hire a car with a driver from the airport. If they will just stay in Buenos Aires, they won't need a car here, public transportation is their best option, and taxis are very cheap here. Since there are subway, bus, taxis in Argentina, they will get along pretty easy.

    For places to visit, there are so many things to see in Buenos Aires that it is hard to name them all. For other cities besides Buenos Aires:
    Iguazu Falls, Bariloche, Salta, Ushuaia, Mendoza, El Calafate…

    And remember January is summer here, and weather can be really hot, lot of Humidity in Dec, January and Feburary i BA

    Good luck, and have a nice party in your home, when your parents are out of town…. 


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