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Are there any cruises between Fiji and New Zealand? How much? any schedule? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Tfgboo,
    I recommend iCruise, I traveled with them a year ago and was very happy with their service.

    There are really two ways to experience Fiji by cruising – big ship or little ship. The big ships include P&O Pacific Sky, Pacific Sun and Pacific Princess. These ships visit various Fijian ports including Suva and the island of Dravuni on a semi- regular basis throughout the year – usually on a 12-14 night voyage from Sydney and Brisbane and 10-13 night voyages from New Zealand.
    Other ships call into Fiji as a port of call on re-positioning cruises or round world cruises including P&O Aurora, Princess Cruises Pacific Princess and Cunard’s QE2.

    There are two cruise lines based year round in Fiji – Blue Lagoon Cruises and Captain Cook Cruises. Both lines operate 3-6 day voyages with the advantage of accessing some of the smaller remote and isolated islands.

    No time of year is a bad time to be cruising the islands of Fiji but it is certainly most popular for New Zealanders and Australians during the May – Aug winter months while those from the northern hemisphere tend to visit during the hottest period of November through to March.

    I really recommend traveling to Fiji for a number of reasons:
    The uninhabited islands where you go and can be one of only a handful of people on a soft golden sand beach that runs into deep turquoise waters.
    You can also climb a tree to fetch your own coconut and then husking it for the milk and soft flesh inside or snorkeling amongst the abundance of fish life with colors radiating from the coral shelf below.

    Fiji is made up of over 360 islands within its archipelago – the most famous group of islands is probably still the Yasawa-i-Rara which is visited by most cruise lines coming to the region and is the base for Fiji’s resident cruise line – Blue Lagoon Cruises and there 5 small ships.

    In the Yasawa’s you can experience authentic cultural villages, eat steaming hot food from a ‘lovo’ which is an oven within the earth and experience the harmonic singing of the locals – ‘Isa Lei’ is a particular favorite.

    Hope this helps…..
    Have fun and take a lot of pictures 🙂

  2. Excellent information backpacker thanks for sharing your experience. I am planning for a trip ti Fiji island next month. I have a friend called Raj. I have lost his number and might be difficult to find him but will hope for the best.  ::)

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