Anyone has been to Heidelberg Castle?

This year my dad got 1 day Trip package to Heidelberg Castle from Company.Since i am not aware of this place,i am not so much excited for this trip. Though some of my friends gave me idea of this castle.Just want to know if anyone has been to Heidelberg Castle?. Please share your view about this place. Help si appreciable and Thanks in Advance.
If you dont know about Heidelberg Castle, then try Wikipedia or (Admin: link deleted)

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2 thoughts on “Anyone has been to Heidelberg Castle?”

  1. I consider Heidelberg to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, it has a beautiful ensemble between the castle, Old Town and river.  It’s the city with the oldest university in Germany so you can find a lot of young people around.

  2. I live in Heidelberg, and I recommend the Heidelberg Castle very much. It is beautifully situated above the Neckar river and the old town. There are guided tours, which I would strongly recommend to get an insight into the history. Also, you can visit the pharmacy museum and the Great Heidelberg Tun, an extremely large wine vat contained within the cellars of the castle. It has a capacity of 221,726 litres (58,574 U.S. gallons), and you can walk on it. Consider to visit the old town, the old bridge and perhaps the student prison (“Studenten-Karzer”). I am sure you will enjoy your stay.


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