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Do you have an indispensable travel gadget?
Why you did you choose this gadget?
What's on your wish list?

I love my gadgets…
I own too many, the items I buy are usually small, light for traveling and unfortunately expensive.
I like my Creative Zen , top of my wish-list is an iPod.
I also own a black diamond head torch, a travel guitar, a leather-man and a water purification filter, a Sony Vio laptop and a portable solar panel – for recharging all the gadgets I drag around Smiley

So what gadgets are you packing? which ones are worth the weight?

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  1. I carry a Cowon iAudio X5, which is a similar I-pod killer as the Creative Zen Vision W. The 30Gb is enough space for me to have half my record collection (about 190CDs) in mp3.
    I also have two full length movies, 5000 photos, Radio, audio recorder, microphone, camera connecting device and I can view notes I ‘ve written in Windows notepad.
    It’s a roaring little gadget, a digital treasure-box with memories and emotions attached. It’s something you don’t want to lose or break.
    A shaver I found very useful too, instead of carrying razorblades, foam and all that heavy shit. A good shaver doesn’t have to be that heavy and if you already carry electronic gear which needs to be charged anyway you most probably carry some sort of transformer for different sockets.
    The mini-solar pannel you carry Zaky, how powerful is it? Do you have to load it for days just to keep your mp3 player going for an extra song or two?  How big and bulky is it?

  2. I am a simple and light backpacker, all I carry is my digital camera and a tri-band mobile phone. My i-pod only lasted a few weeks in South Africa! Not a good advert for Ipod (Sorry Apple). The mobile is very useful, you can change the SIM card in each country it saves loads of money on the very expensive International roaming charges.

    I wouldn’t carry anything else and would stick with the simplicity of traveling light !!!

  3. I recently trekked for 20 days in the Himalayas with my boyfriend, an amazing experience but there isn't always much to do at night as we traveled in low season and the hotels were very quiet so we didn't always meet other travelers. Our portable DVD player was a great gadget to have with us!

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