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Alright, you must visited Florida, New York and other stunning modernized cities in the United States of America. In these cities, it looks as if heaven has come down on earth because of the type of civilization that has come to these places. For someone who is coming from a less developed country, these cities are simply heavens on earth. Does it mean that everywhere in America is developed? We would be taking you to an Indian village that is hidden within the Grand Canyon. It is eight miles from the nearest road.


The Havasupai tribe is known to be the smallest India village in America and it has over 600 people who are living there. The tourists who are coming here may love to spend time here and visit the great Havasu Falls. Millions of people travel to this village called Supai and witness the spectacular Grand Canyon every year. It is only every few people who are aware that this place exists.

If you would want to come to this mysterious tribe, you may have to forget about a car because that may not be possible. All you need is a mule or helicopter to get to this place. Supai has general stores, café , school, post office, LDS chapel, a lodge and even a small church.


It is eight miles from any close road and the rugged terrain is what makes it a bit difficult to use a car to visit. This is why mule has become the closet friend to those who are coming here. Supai is concealed at the bottom of Havasu Canyon, in the heart of the Havasupai Nation reservation. It was in 1975 that this picturesque destination was claimed by the Havasupai tribe from the National Park rangers after many court battles.


There are a lot of exotic things that you can do while you are here. The people here grow food and seen making use of weave as their major source of livelihood. However, the locals are vulnerable to threat from flooding. In the year, 1911, there was tragedy when rain struck the village and over flooded the place. There are things that you can get for yourself when you are here. It should be noted that day hiking in and also out of this village is not allowed. You are expected to get booked into a brave camping or a home stay.

Havasu fall

The Havasu Falls is a very beautiful place to be and it is not just a place to visit, a lot of fascinating things happen around here. There is also the Mooney Falls that is situated half mile from Supai and then the Beaver Falls that is about three miles away. Explore the beauty of this settlement where you would come to appreciate a lot of little things. Posts come from the mule and the kids are just so simple and fun to meet. They are seen playing around and it is just one of the greatest places that America has for tourists.

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