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The thrill does not end in any of these destinations. What is it that you are looking for when it comes to tourism? Is it jumping from one hill to the other? If you are an exciting person who wants to explore the world, we have some places that you would love in this article. We are sure that you would love these places when you ever visit them. From around the world, we have brought them close to you and there is nothing as bliss as any of these places. Here we would be taking you from one location to another and there is no end to the fun that you would get when you are coming to these places.


Whoever said you could only surf on ice? These thrill seekers know how to spend their time. When in Nicaragua, don’t forget to go volcano surfing. While most people will do their best to keep off volcanoes, Cero Negro seems to be a magnet for thrill seekers. This volcano located in the western part of the Central American State attracts a lot of adventurers. The fact that it is an active volcano only seems to add to the thrill.


Spain has always been known for its traditionalistic and conservative approach; but time and generational gap has made it to choose the modern day water sports. The surfing in Fuerteventura has made Spain a very modern day contemporary tourist spot. Surfers remain happy with the weather conditions as the sky remains blue and the waves are as electric as exciting. The best season lie from October to March. The surfers from all over the world choose this destination as the temperate here is moderate and do not fall below 18 degree Celsius or rise above 24 degree Celsius.

Okavango,Delta Burundi

Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango delta is a tributary of River Zambezi that has created a unique desert ecosystem. It is presently considered to be the largest oasis in the world. It has very unique flora and fauna. Bird watchers will be amazed at the variety of birds that can be found here.

Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut, Canada

If you can stand the cold then you can have a thrill of your life in the Arctic poles when you join the Arctic watch. This adventure offered by Quark expedition includes whale and polar bear observatory. The watch is a polar wilderness located in the northerly part of Canada. Travelers can take part in other activities alike kayaking and river rafting.

Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands

The islands of Mentawai are popular with the location being off the western coast of the Sumatra. Indonesia is on its tip toe with the presence of hottest surfer beach in its surrounding. The best time to surf is from March to December; during this time the waves are moderate. The perfect waves are found in three exclusive beaches; namely, Siberut, Sipora, North Pagi and South Pagi. The accesses to these islands are only through ferries and charter boats. Mentawai Islands are the mainly steadfast surfing destinations in the world.

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