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Wanting to get away from it all, I decided to take a short holiday trip to the island of Hvar in Croatia. Hvar is a little island in the Adriatic Sea and located off the Dalmatian coast. I decided that flying would be the easiest way to get there and flew to Split Croatia airport and then took a wonderful ferry ride to the lovely island.

All by Myself- My trip to Hvar, Croatia

I decided to start the first day of my holiday with a little hiking adventure. I went to Humac which is about 40 kilometers from Hvar, which was once a shepherd’s settlement. Humac is about 350 meters above sea level and offered the most breath taking view of the headlands and valleys at the west side of the island. I also could see the Island of Brac and the coastline of Makarska. From there I walked further on Grapceva Cave, which is considered to be the cradle of Hvar civilization and culture. The cave dates back to the New Stone Age or rather the Neolithic Period of 5000 – 4000 years BC .These caves are the oldest discoveries in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean .The cave within has towering stalactites and stalagmites which are incredible to see .The absolute silence and solitude it offered was truly unforgettable. The entire trail was quite easy with a few challenging points along the way.

All by Myself- My trip to Hvar, Croatia

The following day I decided to take it a bit easy and take a lovely sailing trip to the Island of Vis and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coast. This is considered to be one of the best parts of the Adriatic and for all people who love to sail and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The day was absolutely perfect. The weather was lovely and warm. The entire day was all about sailing. I enjoyed watching the dolphins swimming along. We did a little tour of Vis town, which was lovely. Towards the evening we headed back to Hvar.

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Having spent the previous day at sea, I wanted to do a bit of exploring of Hvar town and decided to take a walk to the Spanish fortress which is located on a hill above the town. The walk up to the fortress was slightly steep but the view from the citadel was absolutely magnificent. The entire panoramic view of the city and of Pakleni Islands from the fort was totally breath taking. The glistening blue waters of the Adriatic Sea from above looked heavenly. I ended up having a bite to eat at the restaurant located in the fortress. I took a nice leisurely walk back to the town centre.

All by Myself- My trip to Hvar, Croatia

I was told to take the Three Caves Tour trip. The tour was an entire day starting from ten in the morning to half six in the evening. The boat allowed for only 8 passengers and it was perfect. The ride along the sea was like going on a roller coaster, though, of course without the loops and hoops. The weather was lovely for a day trip. Our guide who was also the captain, Damir, was excellent. He had a lot of knowledge about Croatia and its history and culture. He gave us many interesting facts and stories about the island and the plant life. Damir was very flexible with time and let us stop and take pictures. We visited three caves – Blue cave, Green grotto, Monk Seal cave which was incredible. It has to be seen to be believed. We enjoyed a lovely lunch of grilled mackerel and cabbage salad and of course some lovely white wine. Before we headed back, Damir showed us some of the lovely spice growing on the island and to my surprise it was Rosemary. On the way back we got to see some cool rock formations and got to swim in an underwater cave, which was great fun. The entire trip was splendid and definitely worth every bit of money spent. I had thoroughly enjoyed my day.

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All by Myself- My trip to Hvar, Croatia

The next day wanting to be by myself, I decided to take a boat ride to Pakleni Islands. The island was very beautiful and was basically a place one would like to escape to for a bit of quiet time. The boat ride from Hvar was just about ten minutes. There was nothing very much to do on the island except enjoy a few drinks and enjoy some good seafood at the restaurant near the docks. I spent my day relaxing reading and enjoying the bliss and solitude of the island. I took the boat back to Hvar in the evening.

That very evening I went to the Franciscan Monastery and managed to catch a lovely musical performance. The monastery has a beautiful church, with a lovely inner courtyard. In the summer musical performances take place there. The museum has a collection of old amphora’s and Roma Greek and Venetian coins. There was a Cypress tree that was more than 300 years old. It was beautiful. The loveliest thing was a magnificent painting of The Last Supper. I had to pay an entrance fee but it was well worth the money.

All by Myself- My trip to Hvar, Croatia

My friends had all told me that if I was going to Croatia, I had to go see Dubovica, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches. I took a boat ride to Dubovica .There were not many people and again walking along the beach was lovely. I sat under a rented umbrella, and enjoyed reading my book and having a couple of lovely drinks and some great sea food! The old buildings around the beach added so much to the ambience. Behind the beach was this lovely high mountain literally like a cloud and it looked fabulous against the entire setting of the beach.

What I loved about Hvar is that the island is filled with lavender, olive groves and vineyards. The island is lush with vegetation of myrtle, rosemary, pine wood, palm trees, agave and lavender fields. It is literally like natural aroma therapy. I enjoyed a day cycling through the coastal villages Jelsa and Vrboska.It was wonderful to take in all the lovely surroundings and find peace within myself. It was indeed therapeutic in its own way without anyone interfering and I totally immersed myself into my surroundings.

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All by Myself- My Trip to Hvar, Croatia

On my last day I decided to take a walk from Hvar town, towards the village of Milna, by following a small trail along the coastline. After a short stop at Milna, I continued to the hidden village of Malo Grabjle where I had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant. I then continued to Velo Grabjle, which is beautiful little village located on a hill ridge and it used to be the biggest producer of lavender on the island. I got a little history of lavender production and the history of the village itself. Instead of walking back I took a bus back to Hvar and passed places with amazing views.

Hvar is apparently considered to be one of the world’s top ten destinations for a holiday and now I can only imagine why! I would certainly recommend Hvar has a holiday destination, whether going on your own, with friends, family or with a loved one. It’s a place that anyone will enjoy!

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