African Safari

The best African Safari experience is to wake up with the sound of animals around you. Or as you eat breakfast and a zebra came knocking on your porch begging for his share of the meal. Or perhaps as you prepare the family?s meal and a giraffe decided to give you a visit on your window.

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2 thoughts on “African Safari”

  1. The best African safari for me  has to be  Cape Town although Cape Town is better known for stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes, the regions around Cape Town offer a range of activities and attractions, like wildlife safaris in the Cedarberg Mountains, wine tasting in the glorious Winelands, expeditions to see thousand-year-old San rock art and adventure activities such as sand boarding, surfing, bungi jumping, kloofing, abseiling and much more. Only a few kilometres from Cape Town, lie stunning wilderness areas where guests are able to view all of Africa’s wildlife. Though these reserves cannot compete with the northern provinces in terms of Big Five diversity, they are however able to offer the ability to view wild animals like buffalo, rhino, giraffes and predators like leopard and karakul (lynx) in a pristine environment.These Game Reserves and Nature Reserves are unique in their own way – allowing one to experience a true Safari in/close to Cape Town.

  2. The best African experience is when you are totally out on your own, and after a hard days travelling you turn around and you can still see the point you departed from this morning.


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