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South Korea is an autonomous federation lying within the southern part of the vast Korean Peninsula. It is an amazing destination to make your adventure worthwhile. South Korea is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination because of its various scenic attractions that include the stunning museums, delightful parks, alluring forests, captivating mountains among many other awesome attractions. My boyfriend had promised to take me to one of the best tourist destination in the world and within two weeks prior to our departure; he astounded me with an air ticket to South Korea. I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe it was a dream come true bearing in mind the many splendid and interesting places that he had previously told me about South Korea. South Korea is also known to have a serene tranquil atmosphere especially when the winters are approaching. The experience was so amusing and left me with an abiding impulse to share with many who would have interests in South Korean tourism.

A visit to the beautiful South Korea

We kicked off from Seoul, which is the capital city and widest city of beautiful South Korea, towards the dazzling National Museum of Korea. It is considered one of the largest museum in Korea with more than 200,000 items and relics in its vast charming collection. The place had distinctive attractive structural plan with surprising winches to carry its many visitors to the top most part of the museum. We found merry using the beautifully decorated and well maintained elevators up the charming museum. There were also two good looking colonnades fully filled with displays. This was basically the lovely historical gallery and the good looking fine arts gallery. The experience inside was remarkable. We enjoyed seeing stunning candle statues exhibit the old Korean routines and portraying attractive customary dresses. My boyfriend and I could not feel the urge to leave the place. The guides too were interactive and friendly to us. We also got a chance to understand the Korean culture from some locals we found in the stirring restaurants around the museum. The restaurants offered alluring traditional food that was so attractive and sweet. The restaurants had well set up architectural designs that we highly appreciated. Essentially, this was one of the world’s best places to be and had to plead to my boyfriend to bring me back to this auspicious museum in our next holiday.

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A visit to the beautiful South Korea

We then travelled on the Korean Rail High speed Train which took us about half an hour to the stirring Yongdusan Park in Busan city. Immediately we stepped out of the train, we were welcomed by an enticing Busian tower which had a charming shopping precinct under below it. We bought some few items in this beautiful mall as commonly Koreans goods are quite cheap. We had profuse time enjoying the shopping and carried the rest home. The Busan tower around the park had great statues and gigantic lovely flowers at all parts giving it a unique beauty .We managed to reach the highest point of the tower after a hard amusing climb, although there was an escalator for anyone who would not keep up with the tough but alluring ascend. There was an enthralling atmosphere at the tower’s pinnacle where we got a good view of the lovely Busian City. We loved it very much. We then ceased our absurd journey in Busan city by visiting the outstanding Busan port. It had large bridges that were laid out below it in a distinctive architectural layout .The bridges were constructed several years ago but were seemingly looking strong and showed off their strength to endure heavy trucks and more so their potential to last several years . Truly, it was the best adventure of its kind.

A visit to the beautiful South Korea

We then toured the incredible U.N .Memorial Park. This was a monument that was created in tribute of those many guiltless lives lost during the Korean War and those other lives that were lost in the years. Several monuments represented different U.N member states who took part in the Korean War. The cemetery was beautifully designed with well carved gravestones and statues. Each of the participating country had their own memorial casualty. The Memorial Park was a poignant reminder of the noble deeds of those who offered their lives in the war in order for the Korean people to gain their freedom and independence. This was one of the cleanliest memorial I ever visited. We laid flowers to pay our tribute and show respect to those many Koreans who had given up the ghost and rested peacefully. Our visit was going great and perfect.

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A visit to the beautiful South Korea

We then advanced our journey to the impressive and captivating Beomeosa Temple. The temple was delimited by pretty green hills resting on a small but gorgeous mountain. The amusing temple had a propitious atmosphere that gave it a peaceful admirable aspect that would not let you leave South Korea before visiting this enthralling place. We were fascinated by the warm welcome by the friendly cleric at the temple, but what shocked us most were the stern rules that we had to adhere to. This included confiscating shoes at the entrance and the unique surprising praying style embraced tightly by priest. The priest was wonderfully interactive as he willingly got us into a short sweet session of learning some of the doctrines and beliefs observed there. Additionally he told us that it was hard to find old temples as most of them were smashed and restructured during the Japanese foray. All through we felt the luckiest persons in the whole universe as such beauties were not yet known to many. This temple was among those which got destroyed but was then renovated to its current eye catching state. It was a wonderful exhibition which housed several spiritual leaders and thus served as a sanctified place. Actually, Beomeosa temple was worth visiting.

A visit to the beautiful South Korea

Halla Mountain and National Park was another enticing place we explored. This park was full of scenic mountains, lovely forests and awesome animals such as the enchanting Roe deer and other wonderful wildlife. Halla Mountain is widely known to be one of the tallest mountains in South Korea and tower over Jeju Island. It is believed to be an aged screen volcano and is usually covered with snow during the winter season. We were only lucky to reach half of the mountain’s stature due to its steepness and snow line that had started forming. Although tiring, the climbing process was exiting and incredible .While on this scenic mountain; we had placid views of the dazzling forest cover at the lower sides of the mountain. We had surely chosen the best adventure place.

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A visit to the beautiful South Korea

The famous Trict Art Museum was yet another wonderful place to adventure. We really liked the place. There were numerous captivating canvases on the walls and sculpture decorations that were spread all over the interior of this noteworthy museum. We took most of our time familiarizing with this memorable museum and taking numerous photos. Our fun was fuelled beyond limit by the vast exhibits of enthralling arty depictions on the walls. We surely had to take several photographs with us to keep in mind of the creative artistic work. We were very grand that none of the places we visited had let us down as all offered great wonders.

A visit to the beautiful South Korea

Finally, we ceased our lovely expedition at the dazzling Hangang Park. This was a nice place to relax. We rented a bike to catch pristine views of the lovely River Han and enjoyed the fabulous impression at the park. This was one of the most breathtaking park we had ever visited due to its tranquil ecosystem. It was however fully packed with many people who were too visiting it and enjoying calm river breezes. Our visit was perfect. The beauties were so lovely. We would certainly visit South Korea again as we barely assembled its beauties.

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