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Hi buddy, it is the first time you come to Vietnam, isn’t it? And you are so confused where to go in Vietnam, are there any beautiful places to go in Vietnam, which Vietnam cities to visit or Vietnam luxury vacations, etc. Maybe you have heard a little about Vietnam and fallen in love with S-shaped country. That’s why you chose Vietnam for your next destination. Let me tell you more about my beloved hometown and recommend some places to go in Vietnam that I think you are interested in.

Vietnam is a long, narrow country, stretch from North to South. Therefore, VIETNAM is divided into three main regions: North, Central and South region. VIETNAM is bordered by Laos and Cambodia to the west and the South China Sea to the east. The whole right side of VIETNAM is faced to sea. Thus, there are so much stunning scenery from huge ocean that Vietnamese feel proud, such as Ha Long bay, Con Dao island, Nha Trang beach, … At this moment, if someone ask you “where to go in Vietnam”, you can immediately answer them these above places. I believe that both you and your friends are so amazed by our “natural gifts”.

It’s just a small corner of “picturesque landscape” of VIETNAM. Beside beautiful beaches of the west, VIETNAM owns the endless rice terraces, greenish mountains in the North, ancient towns, World heritage sites in the Central and fertile delta, traditional villages from the South. Included in the combination are modern cities, archaeological sites, cultural customs, local foods and native people. Following me through the length of VIETNAM – from north to south, and discovering the charm of VIETNAM.

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We begin with the North – A thousand years of Culture and Civilization of VIETNAM.

First of all, we must mention to Hanoi – Capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is sometimes dubbed “the Paris of the East” for its French influences. Hundreds of French colonial buildings are around the capital. Hanoi is also famous for its “Old Quarter” with small street, alley and a cozy traditional Vietnamese atmosphere. Most of streets in Old Quarter are called by the name of goods they are specialized in. For example, “Hàng Bông” (cotton street) have many stores specializing in trading cotton, blanket, etc. “Hàng Bạc” is major in silver and jewelries, “Hàng Gà” is specialized in poultry (like chicken, duck, pigeon, turkey,…). Other “must-see” places in Hanoi are The One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House, … You should put Hanoi into your “Vietnam cities to visit” list.

Secondly, we have to make attention to Sapa (Lao Cai). Sapa is surrounded by mist all year round, so its climate is humid and cool. Sapa is a quiet town with lush rice terraces, endless forest mountains and a diversity of hill tribes. Sapa is on Hoang Lien Son mountain, where Fansipan peak located. Fansipan is the highest mountain of Vietnam, the highest mountain of the Indo-China area as well.

Next, we can talk about HaLong bay – one of the world natural heritages in VIETNAM. Ha Long bay is in the Gulf of Tonkin, included thousands of islands and islets, forming a spectacular view of limestone pillar rising from the aqua-green water. You can spend your memorable trip on luxurious cruise ship around the bay as one of the Vietnam luxury vacations, with wonderful service.

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Moving down to the south, we head off to the Central of Vietnam – a land of ancient and culture.

So, the first and the best place to visit is Hue. The most famous destination in Hue is the Old Citadel, once served as the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty. Hue is squeezed by the Perfume River (or Huong River), making a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere. Located on the bank of river is another important symbol, Thien Mu Pagoda. Last but not least, Hue’s cuisine is so various and tasty, you must try “Cơm hến”, “Bún bò Huế”, “Bánh Huế”,… So yum!

Another ancient town you have to put into your Places to go in Vietnam list is Hoi An. Hoi An old town is small enough that you can walk around easily within a half day. Don’t forget to check-in with featured yellow wall, traditional wooden houses, hundreds of shops selling clothing, bags, shoes, souvenirs, hand-made stuffs. And the “must-eat” food you can’t dismiss is “Cao Lầu” – a kind of noodle, a local signature.

One of the most favorite destinations among popular places of the Central Vietnam is Nha Trang. Long beach, white sand, emerald water all make it a resort city that tourists appreciate. So many luxurious hotels, resorts and other modern utilities in Nha Trang can turn your trip to be a “Vietnam luxury vacation”.

Here we are in the South of Vietnam.

To begin discovering the South, begin at Da Lat – gorgeous highland of Vietnam. You can immerse yourself in year-round cool weather, misty valleys, pine forests and colorful flower gardens. Da Lat was once served Vietnamese emperors and French colonials as a summer retreat. Beautiful scenes, French architecture buildings, facile climate are some of the reasons that Da Lat is the best place to go in Vietnam.

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Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City – the busiest city of Vietnam. It is called Sai Gon as a familiar name to remember our great history. There is a hundred of reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City, from ancient buildings to complex culture. Every corner in Ho Chi Minh City contain a huge memory about Vietnam War in the past, a combination of culture as Vietnamese, Chinese or French.

Do you hear about Mekong Delta? If nope, follow me to see how exciting they are. Bustling floating markets, endless paddy fields, fruit orchards, nature sanctuaries, Khmer villages are some of attractive things you can see in Mekong Delta. Nicknamed “Vietnam’s Rice Basket”, the Mekong Delta is a main agricultural region of the country, made fertile by the maze of rivers, canals fed by the great Mekong River.

There are not all about VIETNAM. Just a little! Plenty of hidden attractions, landscapes, cuisines of VIETNAM are waiting for you to explore. Welcome to Vietnam, welcome to the timeless charm!

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