A Trip To Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is a small country in the western coastal part of Africa though a wonderful place to adventure. Ivory Coast is also known as Cote D’Ivoire. It has a wide collection of attractions. There are many mountain ranges, forests and parks with vast collections of wildlife that leave you to appreciate. Ivory Coast is also very popular among many as this is where the great and the remarkable Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is located. The climate is also very stunning, calm and welcoming at all weathers. Ivory Coast has continued receiving millions of tourists all years who visit there to appreciate its beauties. We visited Ivory Coast as a group of six where we thoroughly marveled at the captivating beauties of Ivory Coast. It was so magnificent and I thus decide to praise the wonders for all to know.

A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

We commenced our visit at the stunning Abokouamekro Game Reserve. It is located near Yamoussoukro town and on the southern part of the amazing lake Kassou and the most recently established reserve in Ivory Coast. The reserve was dazzling. It had vast collections of beautiful and captivating flora and fauna. We mesmerized strolling through the park as the sweet aroma from the many plants suffused into our lungs making us feel great and happy. We were particularly amused by the many gigantic animals leisurely walking across the park. Our attention was more directed to the white and black rhinos and buffaloes that looked so enormous but attractive. Our journey had surely started well. We took several photos of the astounding animals and plants to help us in keeping the good memories. It was a nice experience to start with. It was very amusing and surprising for such a young reserve to abhor such attractive, charming and somehow rare animals, especially the white rhino. It was a remarkable moment and we vowed to visit the park several more times.

A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

We then advanced our wildlife adventure to the captivating and resourceful Tai Forest National Park. The park was heavily parked with lots of amazing flora and fauna. The park was very scenic. The huge alluring inselbergs that protruded on the pitched stony Pene plains caught our sight by surprise. We had initially thought of finding only animals and plants in this beautiful park. The park had a versatile collection of charming animals that included monkeys, buffalos, elephants, hippos among others and countless beautiful birds that were flying high over the tall mammoth trees. The trees were really amazing as they had huge buttress roots that protruded few meters above the ground surface. My friend Anna was remarkably engrossed by the white nosed monkey and the red colobus that remained sited on the tree branches watching us. Our trip was really going good. The yellow backed duiker was a more rare surprise; we had never seen it before. Moreover, the tranquil atmosphere was so serene that we thought we had gone to another planet. We loved the experience very much and I loved to visit the park again.

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A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

We then cut short our park adventures and headed to the superlative and the outstanding Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. This is the tallest and largest church in the world that was constructed for about four years since 1985 by Félix Houphouët-Boigny the then president of Ivory Coast as a way of honoring himself. Its architectural designs were undoubtedly impressive. Its glass paintings were really beautiful and tempting to touch. The woodwork was also awesome matchless. The experience was really good though we did not find any persons worshiping. We found several French and a few English guides who walked us in and around the church. I loved the narrow stunning paths that lead us all through this paradise. We were however told that the church is not mostly used for worship and this was probably the reason why we did not find Christians in there. There was also a dazzling symbol of the president and the 12 disciples giving Jesus a present that were well portrayed in a tarnished glass. This was a remarkable moment that could never escape our memories. We would certainly visit this place again.

A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

The plateau was yet another eye catching site we visited. It was packed to capacity with massive and impressive restaurants, hotels and shops. We enjoyed walking through the huge crowds of people who were doing their shopping and also we got involved in doing lots of shopping that we could carry with us back home. It was indeed a wonderful time. We then visited one of the hotels to fill our stomachs with the sweet smelling and attractive local foods that were offered at very fair prices. The people who served us were very friendly and welcoming. We spent several hours relaxing and going through the wonderful moments we had so far experienced. Our trip was very awe inspiring. We all remained joyous giving each other smiles of happiness. We then moved to the charming museum of civilization that was within the plateau. It was a place full of fun. We found merry admiring the many enthralling masks that were on display and the many guides who gave us all the information we asked for. It was a great place to spend time.

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A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

Right from there, we moved to the southern part of Tai Forest National Park where the outstanding Mount Nienokoue is located. This was a first rate site for fun. The mountain base was so inviting with its splendid ambiance that was very relaxing. We loved the experience and wished to remain there for several days. We ascended the beautiful mountain along a hard hitting though pleasant terrain to the mountain peak. The peak offered a lucid panorama of the vast region below the mountains. We were very impressed by the beauties held by this mountain, precisely by the scores of attractive animals-elephants, monkeys, snakes and buffaloes- that we found on our way up the mountain. The plants were in themselves enticing. We had to take several photos of ourselves amidst these beauties to keep good memories of the mountain. It was indeed a great mountain.

A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

Man town was another place we greatly appreciated visiting. It was very fascinating as it is located amidst plateaus and densely forested mountains that spread their superb sensational atmosphere to this attractive town. The experience was good and looked a bit unreal. We enjoyed walking along the streets spotting various beautiful things that we would buy and more so admiring them. There was also charismatic waterfall within the Man town. It was very astonishing to find a waterfall in a town though we found it a great opportunity for all the people within the town as they would easily get to this amazing spot. We mesmerized watching the waters flow forcefully down the fall into a big pool that lay beneath it. The atmosphere around the fall was so miraculous. It was a good time as the cool breezes marred us leaving us wanting more of the pleasant ecosystem. This was a place we would definitely visit again.

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A trip to Mesmerizing Ivory Coast

We finished our long moving visit at the Detikaha village. This place was so different from what we had so far experienced. No rainforest could be spotted as only vast bare and dry lands occupied the whole territory offering a good site for a military testing camp. The site was however good to look at. We were further amused by the locals we found. Though they looked very poor, we enjoyed their warm welcome and friendliness. We particularly engaged ourselves in lots of yak and fun with them. The visit was certainly unbelievable. We had not thought of finding such magnificent wonders in Ivory Coast. We could only appreciate the great merry we experienced by visiting the country many more times. It was a great visit that could not be matched to any other.

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