A Tourist Guide To Italy

Italy is situated in the Southern Europe and with Greece, they are considered where the Western culture was introduced, there are large numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are in Italy, monuments and art are seen around the cities and it is legendary when it comes to sumptuous cuisine. Italy’s fashion industry , diverse dialects and culture, luxury cars and great alpine lakes, coast and its mountain ranges makes Italy a special place to visit. It is dabbed the Beautiful Country or the Bel Paese because of its vast tourist attraction places.


There are lots of places to visit like Etruscan Museum that is situated at the Villa Giulia in Rome. The well preserved Greek temples that are located at Sicily and Paestum gives guests glimpse of what tourism in the country is all about when ancient Italy is spoken of. The Roman ruins cannot be missed for anything because they are what make tourism in Italy stunning. The Roman theatre and the Colosseum can be an amazing place to visit. The Vatican City is the Roman Catholic Church home; it has a lot of spiritual significance for those who visit the city, being the home to the Pope.

The Weather and Climate

The weather forecasts in Italy make it possible for visitors to visit Italy without challenges in weather and also save them a lot of money because they visit at the best time that suits them best.

  • The lowest temperature month is February that have temperature around the day 11°C and night 0°C
  • August is the best weather month that have temperature around the day 31°C and night 19°C
  • The cheapest Italy Regular deals begins from 272€ for a four day trip

The Best time to visit Italy



During the winter season, snow is experienced and Italy is cold. The warm temperature is what can be in the range of 50’s, and the country’s southern part is equally cold. One of the activities during this season is skiing and there are ski resorts that are available for holiday makers and ski lovers. The Christmas and the New Year attracts a lot of visitors and prices of things are usually on the high sides . Some of the attraction sites are closed and it is the best time to experience the culture of the people

The winter period in Italy is quite common and it is snow season, temperature is low during the Spring and during summer, a lot of lot of visitors are seen here.


During this season, temperature is on the low to high range and this is the best weather to travel around the country. A lot of tourists are seen during this period and should be avoided because prices are high except you want to spend the Easter period here



This is the time when visitors from around the world visit Italy during the months of July to September because of the breaks or holidays from work or school. Summer is actually the time when we see tourism at its peak


There are less visitors or crowds during the month of late September to October. During November, some hotels and other tourist’s attraction sites close down for renovation

The best time to visit Italy is between the late September to October. January is the cheapest month and December is the most expensive month

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