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Greece is located in the Southern Europe that has extensive islands and coastlines, having borders with Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The country has a culture that is blended with language, arts , philosophy, politics, and has incorporated the modern world.

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Greece has become one of the most visited tourist attraction destinations in the world, it is ranked in the top 20 countries and over 17 million guests are seen coming to Greece yearly because of its beaches, vibrant nightlife, summer weather, natural beauty and historical sites.  More than 90% of the visitors who are seen in the country come from countries in the European region but this number has reduced with foreigners now visiting the country more.

Greece has become a great nation that has fused festivals and arts to its lifestyle, there are numerous festivals that drags guests to its country of the gods every year. It has a lot of stunning ruins and domes that the ancient Greeks made use of. Even in the modern world, this ancient lifestyle can be seen in its museums.

 The Weather and Climate

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The weather forecasts about Greece make it possible for visitors to plan their trip without hassle and give holiday makers the opportunity of visiting when the weather is perfect for them.

  • The lowest temperature in Greece is February with temperature: Day 11°C and  Night 5°C
  • July is the best weather month with its temperature that is around the day 34°C and  night  22°C
  • The cheapest Greece First Minute deals can begin from 420€ for a four  day trip

The Best Time To Visit Greece

The weather in Greece depends on the season,  there is snow falls in the northern areas and mountains and there is none at the low lying southern regions like Athens. The best time to visit Athens starts  in May  and June. You should equally know that April is the cheapest month to visit Greece and October is the most expensive month to travel.

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The first two weeks of June can be perfect for fun and tourisms.  For tourists who are coming to Greece, the climate is mostly the Mediterranean which is very mild, and there is wet winter and the summer is hot and dry.

The climate is seen occurring at every of its coastal regions that include  Athens, Crete, the Dodecanse, the Lonian Island, some parts of the Central Continental Greece area and the Cyclades.  The Pindus mountain range is known to affect the country’s climate.

The country belongs to the Boreal Kingdom that is shared between the Illyrian province of the Circumboreal Region and the East Mediterranean province of the Mediterranean area.  The territory of Greece is divided into a sub-six eco-regions according to the World Wide Fund for Nature and the European Environment Agency.

These six areas include the Rhodope montane mixed forests, the Illyrian deciduous forests, Balkan mixed forests, Pindus Mountains mixed forests, Crete Mediterranean forests, Aegean and Western Turkey sclerophyllous and mixed forests.

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