A Tourist Guide To Finland

Finland is the officially the Republic of Finland that is located in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe, it has borders with Russia to the east, Sweden to the west, Norway to the north and Estonia to the south. With a population of around 5.5 million in 2013, it has become a major tourist area.


There are lots of places you can visit when you are in Finland, like the museums, National Parks, hotels and lots more. Festivals are experienced in different time of the year and some of these festivals or events attracts thousands of visitors from the world. Finland is a beautiful country that is relaxed, peaceful and friendly to travelers who want to spend time in the country.

Take a look at the temperatures in summer and winter in Finland

The lowest temperature is in the month of February which have temperature around the day-2°C and night: -8°C

August is the best weather month in Finland with temperature around the day: 24°C and night: 14°C

The typical weather in Finland throughout the year can be described as cold temperate that is potentially subarctic but is relatively mild because of the influence of the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic Current and over 60,000 lakes

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Best Time To Visit Finland


Finland has four seasons for the knowledge of visitors. The summer season in Hesinki, the winter at the Lapland skiing center and a lot of other activities bring crowds here. The winter is when visitors take the reindeer tour; summer gives visitors a lot of activities to be indulge in like the trekking to the urban holidays. There are also summer cottage with a sauna that can be experienced around the lake.

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The country is a very cold country but is a temperate region that can be mild for the latitude, this is because of the Gulf Stream influence. Temperature can get to -30°C in the south or below -40°C in the north.


Summer is brief with temperature around -30°C. This is the best time to visit Finland. January is the cheapest month and July is the most expensive month to travel to Finland

The month of July is the country’s warmest month and March to April which is early spring is when the snows are seen melting and winter sports and seen. The months of October to December can be wet and dark and can be unfavourable time to visit the country.

It should be known that Helsinki and Turku at is located the southern coast is not a location for those who wants winter because there may never be snow in that area. The Northern parts of the country due to the extreme latitude experiences the Midnight sun and it does not get dark in the Sothern Finland during the summer solstice. The Arctic Night that is seen in the winter doe not bring the sun up and in the South, daylight is very little with a pitiful hours of sunlight that is not much

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