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My dad astounded me with a birthday present which was certainly a trip to Salzburg two days prior to big day and so we headed to the city. Salzburg is an amazing place for holidays in Austria. The city is well place with a vast collection of attractions from different ages to the present. The museums, castles, zoos, cathedral are just but a few among the lengthy list of attractions that have continuously lured tourists to the city. The weather is perfect one which will barely make you bored or regret for having chosen to visit the city. We enjoyed ourselves maximally with the best kid of experience that I found it relevant to share with all who are planning to visit the city.

A must visit city for all, Salzburg

We started off from the stunning Geburtshaus museum. The museum was a spectacular site that anyone would desire to be at. Its architectural design was impressive and actually one of its kind. We had to have photos of its exterior layout before progressing to its interior. There were lots of amazing artifacts on display all unique and very appealing. We enjoyed strolling through the rooms that were maintained clean, admiring the objects as the formidable guides offered a hand in helping us get all the details pertaining them. It was certainly a nice experience which would never get eroded from our minds. The most intriguing part was where the items of the very popular Mozart were placed. They were incredibly charming and worth of seeing. The violin which was actually his first was well displayed amidst many other music instruments he had been using. We definitely had to have photos of them. His videos were also stunning.

A must visit city for all, Salzburg

We got a chance to watch a record of some of his most catchy operas. It was a gorgeous moment of our lives. We then walked towards the river where his residence was located. This was yet another attraction that was perched on the other end of the river. We esteemed the walk and the river as it ensured a cool environment which was very compelling. Our visit had certainly started on a high note and we were grand that we had discovered that treasure.

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A must visit city for all, Salzburg

The dazzling Mirabell Gardens were second on our adventure list. The gardens were amazingly magnificent with a calm soothing ambiance which compelled us to take much time there relaxing and having all time to ourselves. It was surely a breath taking site. The flowers were marvellous and filled the entire garden ad its surroundings with a sweet aroma. The trees both tall and minute offeredshadesaway from scorching sun. We liked being there very that we thought we had travelled to another planet. The Schloss Mirabell was another site adjacent to the garden that we would not want to imagine circumventing. The palace had a splendidarchitectural design that was certainly worth of beingtaken snaps and so we took several. The compound was magical wit almost every kind of brilliant flower and tree. We cherished our moment there and wondered why we had not discovered it earlier. The rooms were also fabulous, each designed to serve a particular tsk. The guides here were social and walked us all around giving us lovely and interesting stories of the palace. We were greatly grateful to their friendliness. Our visit was indeed going perfect.

A must visit city for all, Salzburg

The spectacular Hellbrunn Castle could also not be left out. It was a lovelyplace that embraced a great account of the past. The castle had a marvellous design that was still very intact. It wasindeed beautiful to look at. The castle also had mind blowing gardens which we certainly could not afford to avoid. We enjoyed every moment there. The gardens were home to a great and outstanding Mechanical Theatre which was a clear representation of the city’s setting. It was indeed awesome. There were countless items all belong to Mozart that were stack there. We liked seeing them and wished we had seen him perform live. It was indeed an eye catching Site of adventure.

A must visit city for all, Salzburg

We then headed to the wonderful Salzburg Cathedral. The cathedral was indeed a perfect place of adventure. We were first struck by the cool and tranquil atmosphere that encompassed the whole place. The peacefulness was also not to be noticed. It was remarkably one of the best places to be. The cathedral’s environs were lovely with lots of charming flowers and superb trees that were well trimmed to give a very awe inspiring shape. We treasured our efforts to the cathedral. There were lo lots of religious materials that could hardly escape our attention. The writings were great and reflected so much on love and hope. The inside was divine with a nice looking altar at the front most part where lots of religious materials were placed. The cathedral was also home to the scenic Mozart font that was in use during his baptism. We liked seeing it very much. The Christians therewere also amazing. They seemed very faithful to their beliefs as we foundthem busy with their usual activities. It was truly a good place to visit and we vowed to return again.

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A must visit city for all, Salzburg

We then proceeded with our visit to the magnetic Festung Hohensalzburg. This was indeed a mind blogging site thatrepresented great works of many persons. There were lots of designs exhibited which were all from different periods. I particularly liked the Baroque designs which were rare in many parts of the world. We also had to have their photos. The site housed numerous things to marvel at. The museums were exquisite with an endless list of artifacts of theGothic and Medieval times. They were all stunning and well displayed. We took much of our time walking around the museum appreciating each and every relic that came to our site.The staterooms were also elegant and gorgeous to look at. We relaxed in them as the guides entertained us with a great and amazing history of the site. We certainly would have to visit the place again on our other visits to Salzburg.

A must visit city for all, Salzburg

ThefantasticHaus der Natur was another place we mesmerized touring. The site was unique and well equipped with lots of wonderful charm. Our first stop was at the aquarium. Here, beautiful marine life was placed showing an inviting sea ecosystem. It was indeed a great place to adventure. The sharks were breath taking and gave us much fun. They were sited at their places feeding peaceful and thus allowing us enough time to admire and have their photos. The reptile zoo was also fascinating. We found numerous turtles and tortoises waiting our arrival to appreciate their existence. We really enjoyed being there. The space hall was also worth of seeing. It was indeed lovely with a stirring design. We relaxed there for some hours watching the exhibits and particularly, the Journey into the Human Body become our best. It was surely a golden place which we would love to visit again.

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A must visit city for all, Salzburg

We finally graced our visit at the striking Museum Carolino Agusteum. The museum was perfectly a thrilling place to explore. The main building was the first point of adventure. The building ensured all visitors to the site get meaningful information of the charming Salzburg city. We surely liked it very much as much info which was unknown to us got raveled there. The museum housed lots of enthralling items. We enjoyed walking in the company of the guides all around the rooms admiring and having photos of ourselves before them. It was remarkably one of the greatest places to adventure. We were very grateful that our visit had stared and ended well and definitely leading all other visits we had had before. We would certainly pay Salzburg another visit.

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