A Memorable Trip To Lithuania

A memorable trip to Lithuania

Lithuania, a Baltic country in Northern Europe is a perfect destination for making your holidays enjoyable compared to other countries. Lithuania is well known for its scenic and tribal beauty. Lithuania has some unique characteristic that always attract the visitors. I was lucky enough to get the chance enjoying holidays with my beautiful wife in Lithuania. Jessica, my wife enjoyed the holidays very much and she just can’t forget those beautiful days in Lithuania. We selected Lithuania for our holydays, because we just wanted to get rid of all sorts of hassles of our daily life and wanted to taste the adventurous beauty of Lithuania. It was really a wonderful time for a couple like us. It was our first trip to Lithuania and we enjoyed our trip to the fullest.

We tried our best to gather all the basic information of the country before our journey. We came to know that Lithuania is situated to the east of Sweden and Denmark and it is largest among the three Baltic States. The population is almost 3 million. Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. Though their main language is Lithuanian, English is also used by the local people. That’s why tourists don’t face troubles while visiting this country.

A memorable trip to Lithuania

We set our journey to Lithuania with an international flight and were able to reach Vilnius international airport without any sort of troubles. Then we took a taxi cab and went to a nearby hotel named “Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square”. We reserved a beautiful room and took our luggage to the room. The room was very spacious and with all modern facilities. The hotel was really stunning and location was perfect. Then we took bath and had our breakfast in the ground restaurant. We found that there was a facility for the food lovers and that’s why we were very glad. We loved the spa facility and free internet service. It was really an awesome hotel indeed. Then after breakfast we collected information about the beautiful country from the hotel management and we found that they were very much co-operative and skilled. We came to know about many beautiful places across Vilnius.

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A memorable trip to Lithuania

At first we went to the “Ballooning Centre Lithuania” to enjoy the ride in the air for an hour. It was a fascinating experience and we were amazed to see the capital from a balloon. During our journey by balloon, we travelled almost 30 kilometer over northern Vilnius. Everything seemed to me just like a magic show. My wife had a fear of height, but it was very interesting to me that she enjoyed this trip in the sky very much. That’s why I was really so much pleased with that unbelievable trip. Moreover, the captain and the crew were very much helpful and professional. Vilnius is a stunning city and watching it from a balloon was a marvelous experience. Ballooning is certainly the best way to get the 360 degree views of Lithuania.

A memorable trip to Lithuania

After spending a splendid time on the balloon, we set our journey to the “Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania”. It’s a very unique museum because it exhibits money. There was an excellent and informative display of lots of money. We were served with audio guides that helped us to know the history of making money and coins. Many staff members are always available there to give you information on monetary history in a funny way. We really enjoyed our short trip. If you are interested in knowing the history of paper money and coins, then you should visit this place. You would definitely appreciate this place. After the very interesting visit to the Money Museum, we went to the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania and enjoyed watching a show. It’s a great place to spend few hours. The performers were very talented and their outstanding performances made us enjoy the show.

We came to know from some local people that palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (national museum) was a wonderful place to visit. So we set our journey to this palace. The grand architecture of this palace reveals its royalty. We were pleased to see this beautiful palace. After that we went to the Applied Art Museum and enjoyed the perfect exhibition of fashion of various decades. It is a great place for the people interested in fashion.

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A memorable trip to Lithuania

We were enjoying being in this beautiful city. There is a lot to see in the capital city of Lithuania and every place is worth to visit. My wife made a plan to visit the old town Vilnius. I agreed with her plan and her choice didn’t disappoint us because the old city is very picturesque. We saw lots of churches, shops, bars and restaurants. The old town was beautiful and renovated which was a feast for both mind and body. We took our dinner in a nearby restaurant and the food was extra ordinary. It was very fun to walk in the streets and the local people were very much helpful. We took many pictures of the colorful building of old city. We spent some memorable moments at this lovely place. Don’t miss visiting the old city in your trip to Lithuania.

A memorable trip to Lithuania

Then we reached the KGB Museum to see the touching photos of Lithuanian partisans who fought valiantly for independence. That museum enabled us to know more on old prison of KGB, Lithuanian partisan movement, Nazi terror and the Soviet terror. The exhibitions were well presented and we enjoyed the history very much. It was really a worthwhile visit. To add some serenity to our Lithuania travel; we visited Saint Michael’s Church. The peaceful environment of this church composed our minds.

After that we headed to our next destination, Vichy Vandens Park. It was an aqua park. The temperature inside the park was not warm enough. I enjoyed the big Jacuzzi where water was warm and comfortable. The concept of the pool bar was simply awesome. They made separate sections for the adults and children. Their planning amazed me a lot and left me saying “Awesome”. It’s a great place and you must visit here whenever you visit Lithuania.

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A memorable trip to Lithuania

We went to the markets and had some shopping for us. We enjoyed our long trip in Vilnius. We met several local people and tried to communicate with them. They were very much friendly. We also visited the Gediminas tower. It was a perfect place and we enjoyed the magnificent view of the city from that highest point. We also visited Television Tower and Europos Parkas. Actually we stayed in Vilnius for 6 days. The hills, the lakes, the forests gave us a lot of pleasure. Then we set our journey to Trakai city, which was 28 km away from the capital. We were astonished to see many castles in Trakai and the nature was extremely beautiful. We stayed in Trakai only for a night. I wanted to spend more time in this gorgeous city but we didn’t have much time. But we’ll surely plan another trip to Lithuania to experience the magnificence of this lovely city.

A memorable trip to Lithuania

Lithuania gives propriety to their tourists because their main economy is based on tourism. The enchanting scenery of this beautiful country gifted us some eternal memories. We were very much happy to capture these happy moments with our camera. We enjoyed the variety of local food. We had found lots of bars in Lithuania and we went there to have some drinks.

We stayed in Lithuania for seven days. The beautiful scenery of Lithuania always fascinates us. That’s why we wish to visit there once again in our life. My wife really loved that country. I can never forget those memorable days in Lithuania. It was a very special journey for us. It’s a great destination for spending holidays.

A memorable trip to Lithuania

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