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Last December my wife proposed to me that we should travel to some nice place for our Christmas holidays. I liked her idea of travelling but I did not know the best place for the two of us. After sometime I came out with a solution. I proposed to my wife that we should travel to Botswana. She was very happy when she heard this. I had heard from friends that a travel to Botswana is a very enjoyable one. I didn’t know much about Botswana though I had proposed it to my wife. It’s because I had an influence of my close friend who had travelled to the place a year before. He told me he had a wonderful experience. I too wanted to have a taste of it. We planned our travel well; we booked our flight in advance to ensure a smooth travel to Botswana. Finally we travelled to Botswana, and we had a very awesome time there.

A delightful experience in Botswana

We boarded our flight and arrived in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana in the evening. We were warmly welcomed at the airport, the tourism agents in the airport were very polite to us. Since it was evening times on our arrival, we were driven to a hotel. The hotel we were driven to was Lansmore Masa Square. It is a hotel that marked our adventures in Botswana. The servants in the hotel were very polite and had great hospitality. We were treated as if we were the only ones in the hotel. The reception staff was quick to assist with any issues. The food was above average and I really enjoyed it. We were then assigned a room which we were going to spend our night in. It was a nice one, it was well furnished and one can enjoy his stay there. Our stay in the square was great and comfortable, although it was quite expensive.

A delightful experience in Botswana

The next morning we started to tour the city. The first place we visited was the Three Chief’s sta, a landmark put to remember the three chiefs who helped in the attainment of independence in Botswana. It was really lovely being at this place. We took lovely photos of the three chiefs. We did not know about this before, and as we were driving in the city we came by this lovely landmark. We did pause to have a look of it, indeed we had not wasted time looking at it since it was great.

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A delightful experience in Botswana

We then drove to the Lion Park. There are many rides you can ride in this park, varying from roller coaster to spinning cars, a ferry wheel and flying swing. We did liked the clams and roller coaster. They were the best according to us. In the park there is also a beach where we enjoyed ourselves so much in it. What I also liked so much in Lion Park were dune buggies and paintball. These activities are very enjoyable and I actually loved them. There were also crocodiles to have a glance at. We did see them and they were lovely, although they are very dangerous.

A delightful experience in Botswana

There were not many activities to do in Lion Park, we came out of the place and we were driven to Gaborone Game. It gave us a first taste of wildlife. It is a small reserve but it was good for our start. We saw wildlife there, but it was really lovely for us. Getting into the reserve was quite cheap and it was wonderful. We were able to see beautiful birds, it was fantastic to see them and we took pictures of them.

A delightful experience in Botswana

In the late afternoon we visited Somarelang Tikologo. It is a very nice place to see the environment of Botswana. As we were travelling we stopped by at the Green Shop. Indeed there is a unique experience here since the shop is housed in a traditional hut. This is a rare sight to see within the active city of Gaborone. This shop is located in the Eco-Park of Somarelang Tikologo (Environmental Watch Botswana). We were informed that it is an NGO dedicated to creating awareness about environmental planning, resources conservation and waste management through community projects and demonstrations. All the merchandise sold in the Green Shop were made from recycled or natural products crafted from local women and out of school youth groups, and range from skin care products and accessories to home furnishings. We liked this so much and we bought some products from the Green Shop so as to remember our memorable trip, and to help the people of Botswana protect their environment.

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A delightful experience in Botswana

The day was over, but at least we had done something constructive during the day. The next day we travelled to Kasane. We started by visiting Chobe River and National Park. This was the best attraction place we had visited so far. There are no fences in this park. We came across all kinds of wildlife, Including elephants, lions, and all the antelopes. It was better because we were watching these animals in a safari car. I fear lions very much, but I was looking at them at a very close distance that day. This was really an awesome feeling. I took lots of photographs of these animals, they are really lovely and when I look at them it reminds me of the wonderful moments in the parks of Botswana. Actually Botswana is rich with wildlife. We were in Chobe early in the morning and the chilly ride in the park was really amazing.

A delightful experience in Botswana

We had all the fun in the Chobe River and National park. We then decided to visit CARACAL Biodiversity Center. This place has a lot of snakes, and this is where I learnt that not all snakes are bad. I got to understand that some snakes are really human friendly although I fear them so much. This is a place where we were able to see all the animals which we were not able to see in the park. It is a very great biodiversity scene you should not miss out whenever you are in Kasane. I played with some snakes; it was a wonderful experience although it was very hard at the start. I knew that all the snakes are very dangerous and I kept myself away from them. My wife was very fearful and she could not manage touching even one. She even screamed when I tried giving her the snake I was touching.

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We then travelled to Motsana, a very beautiful cultural center and restaurant. This was a nice place for us to take a break after a very busy day. Motsana is located in Maun. We really enjoyed our moments in this place. There was free Wi-Fi for us to use, I liked this very much since it had been a long time since I checked my mail. We were also served with traditional food, they were delicious. I liked it very much. We also enjoyed a great show in Motsana. This was a community show which we really enjoyed; people of Botswana have a great culture. There were also a lot of drinks to take ranging from traditional ones to the modern ones. We enjoyed these drinks a lot. There was a great entertainment in Motsana. This was a place where our adventures in Botswana ended.

A delightful experience in Botswana

We had some really great and wonderful moments in Botswana, that’s a fact. We took a flight back home having in mind the fresh scenes of Botswana. I never regret having travelled with my wife to this beautiful place. My wife too is happy about Botswana; she really fell in love with the place. Botswana is rich with culture and a lot of national parks where you will enjoy having a glance of the beautiful wildlife. Indeed we enjoyed our travel to Botswana.

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