9 Tourist Attractions You Should Visit

Tourist Attractions to Unwind

We have many tourist attractions around the world that can take us a whole year, and we still will not finish visiting them.

You can easily count the number of tourist attractions you have visited in different cities around the world.

Tourist Attractions

Most of us love visiting the popular tourist attractions and often forget to take in the beauty of other attractions in the cities.

Beautiful Tourist Attractions to Explore

Paris: Explore the Palais-Royal Gardens

Walk into the tranquil environment of the Palais-Royal Gardens, and escape the noise and bustle of Paris.

The boutiques and serene formal gardens tucked behind the walls of a magnificent 17th-century palace. This is among the tourist attractions you will love to visit.

Palais-Royal Gardens is one of the best-kept secrets in the city. It was formerly a royal residence, where Louis XIV spent part of childhood here.

Today, it has become home to designer boutiques, antiquaries, and world-class perfumers.

Beirut: Stroll along Hamra Street

The Hamra Street or Rue Hamra is an important commercial center in Beirut. With the number of tourist attractions in Beirut, this street is a must-visit.

The popular street was a former home to artists, journalists, and intellectuals, but has transformed to be a lively hub.

It has hotels, coffee shops, and western retail outlets that attract younger people.

Baltimore: Tour the National Aquarium

Take a break from the bustling life of Baltimore and visit the quiet National Aquarium, housing nearly 200, 000 animals.

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You can dare yourself with an immersion tour and witness life inside the tank. Dolphins encounter is a major attraction while watching sharks is common.

Tourist Attractions


Amsterdam: Visit Jordaan

You can visit one of Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhoods in Jordaan.  Tourist attractions like this neighborhood are picturesque.

The neighborhood is a mix of lively markets, eateries, upscale boutiques, and garden courtyards with residential areas.

This tourist attraction spot has many fun things to do, ranging from a walk along beautiful streets to relaxing in any of the top-rated tourist spots.

Brussel: Visit the Atomium

The bizarre 102-meter-high steel and aluminum structure, Atomium is the most surreal sight in Brussel, designed by architect André Waterkeyn.

The structure built for the 1958 Brussels World Exhibition is one of the most visited landmarks in the city.

It represents a molecule of iron that was magnified 165 million times. Enjoy a tram ride to this landmark attraction.

Tourist Attractions You Can’t Resist

Egypt: Get Lost at the Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza doesn’t beg for attention because it is a must-do attraction on everyone’s itinerary.

On the Giza Plateau lies the fourth dynasty funerary temples that will wow you when you visit.  Who wants to ignore tourist attractions like this place?

Explore the interior narrow passages of the Pyramid of Cheops or Pyramid of Khufu for a complete tour of this destination.

Tourist Attractions

Moscow: Visit the Kremlin

The Grand Kremlin Palace Is a 15th-century fortified complex surrounded by walls built in the 1400s.

It has over 700 rooms, which was formerly home to the Tsar family. Today, the Kremlin has become the official residence of the president of the Russian Federation.

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The massive complex is the most recognizable structure in Moscow.  Moscow offers you some of its stunning tourist attractions around the Kremlin.

The Kremlin houses the Armory building, a museum that holds the royal crown, imperial carriages, the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible, Fabergé eggs, and more.

Accra: Explore Jamestown

Jamestown is the modern enclave of Ghana, offering a blend of chaotic street-market environment and old colonial architecture.

Explore the High Street and take in some of its fascinating ruins at Christainborg Palace and Ussher Fort. Jamestown hosts the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

Barcelona: Tour the Sagrada Família

Begin your Barcelona’s adventure from Sagrada Família. The spot is the dreamlike project of Antoni Gaudí that will become the tallest church structure in the world if completed.

The Sagrada Família fuses different architectural styles like Spanish Late-Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Catalan Modernism. However, tourists get attracted to Gaudí’s masterpiece that defies the normal.

The above mentioned tourist attractions will not disappoint you with their magnificent presence and attention.




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