8 Best Bikes for College Students

The best bikes for college students reviews

From the market, we have thousands of the best bikes for college students.  Whether you want a bike for leisure or exercise as a student, there is a bike for you.

Over the years, different bike manufacturers have made it easier for students with some of the best bikes for college students.

Best Bikes for College Students

Are you thinking of getting a bike? When picking a bike, there are things you should consider to suit your preference and terrain.


In this article, we have listed some of the best bikes for college students that you can consider.

Comparison table for the top 7 best bikes for college students

best bikes for college students models Best for Frame Weight Shifters
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike


Best Overall 16 inches 45 pounds 21 speeds
Tommaso Monza Road Bike


Best For The Money 5.2 x 5.6 inches 35 pounds 20 speeds
Tommaso Imola Road Bike


Best For Road Riding 4.10 x 5.2 inches 35 pounds 24 speeds
Vilano Forza 2.0 Road Bike Best for Daily Rides 20 inches 32 pounds 9 speeds
Raleigh Venture Comfort Bike


Best for Comfortability 5.3 x 5.6 inches 42.4 pounds 21 speeds
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bike Best for Heavy Riders 26 inches 34.1 pounds 1 speed
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Bike Best for Female College Students 26 inches 39.7 pounds 7 speeds


Here are some of the bikes to use:

The best bikes for college students guide

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike


The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is designed with amazing features for students.

Product specs

Tires:   28 inches

Handlebars:     Swept-back upright

Fenders:           Yes

Brakes:                        Alloy linear pull brakes

Key features

The bike has aluminum frame and alloy crank/brakes

It has Schwinn suspension fork


The bike offers high performance.

It can stop mud from splashing in clothes

The bike has a shock-absorbing feature.

It has durable, strong, and sturdy construction.


The bike has extremely lousy gears.

The bike is difficult to disassemble the front wheels for fixing and maintenance.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is simple with a stylish design. It has a high performance and additional beneficial features for comfort.

It has a basic design with a combination of black and white that makes it appear stylish timeless. The bike is unisex.

This model has extra-large wheels’ circumstance that improves balance and stability. It has a modern Schwinn suspension fork for shock-absorbing.

The bike creates smooth rides and its crank, brakes, and frame are made of high-quality materials.  It has an amazing 2-speed function.

Tommaso Monza Road Bike

Have you seen the Tommaso Monza Road Bike? It is designed to suit students’ mobility.

Product specs

Tires:   N/A

Handlebars:     Premium compact

Fenders: Yes

Brakes:            Routed external

Best Bikes for College Students

Key features

The bike is made of aluminum material.

It has an HCT carbon fork.

This model has Shimano Tiagra shifters

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The bike features high responsiveness and smooth rides.

The bike is lightweight, durable, and efficient.

It has specialized Shimano Tiagra parts for high performance.

It has a lifetime warranty.


The bike is expensive for a student.

This bike is the dream of many students. It comes modern, sturdy, efficient, durable, and of high quality. However, the bike is extremely expensive.

Its whole body parts are made of lightweight aluminum, which ensures high durability.

The bike offers a 20-speed performance. This makes the adventure more fun and exciting.  The specialized Shimano Tiagra shifters make the bike a must-have.

These shifters are for responsive, seamless integration, and the highest performance levels.

Tommaso Imola Road Bike

Tommaso Imola Road Bike is among the best bikes for college students on the market.

Product specs

Tires:   25mm, 700c

Handlebars:     Shallow and curved

Fenders: Yes

Brakes:            Rim brakes

Key features

The bike has new Shimano Claris R2000 updates.

It has two color choices- black and white

It offers two size choices- XXS and XS.


When it comes to the best bikes for college students, this offers one of the strongest performances.

The bike is available for college students and professional cyclists.

The bike is lightweight and extremely durable.

It has an optimal solution for uphill riding.


This bike does not have additional components and accessories.

The bike is hard to control.

Professional cyclists and students prefer the Tommaso Imola Road Bike, with its aluminum covering from head-to-toe.

It is lightweight that can be picked and dropped on your shoulder. It has a great speed of 24 that makes running down and up the hill exciting.

The bike has a Shimano Claris R2000 set of shifters, brakes, derailleurs, and crank, making it one of the best bikes for college students.

Vilano Forza 2.0 Road Bike

Vilano Forza 2.0 Road Bike is on our list of the best bikes for college students.  It has great features that would suit students.

Product specs

Tires:   25mm, 700c

Handlebars:     N/A

Fenders: No

Brakes:            12k Carbon Fiber

Key features

The bike has an aluminum frame.

It features a carbon fiber fork

It comes with pedals.


The bike has sturdy brakes for absolute stopping function.

It has high-quality materials.

It offers users high durability for years.

The bike is versatile for most types of terrain.


It is partially assembled.

It has no kickstand.

Vilano Forza 2.0 Bike is affordable for students for daily rides. The durability of the bike is what attracts students to the product.

The bike’s frame is made of aluminum and the suspension fork is made of carbon fiber. This makes it reliable and great for performances.

The Shimano Tiagra nine-speed feature is for any rough terrain.

Best Bikes for College Students

Raleigh Venture Comfort Bike

This model is comfortable for students. It is among the best bikes for college students.

Product specs

Tires:   Large Kenda, 27.5 x 1.95 inches

Handlebars:     Ergonomic

Fenders: No

Brakes:            Linear pull

Key features

It has aluminum frame

It comes with a fork suspension


The bike has comfort-focused features.

It provides alternatives to the size range.

The bike comes with an ergonomic design for comfort.

The bike is great for all terrains.


It is heavyweight

The bike is expensive.

Raleigh Venture Comfort Bike offers one of the bikes with the most comfortable seating experience. It provides you with effortless riding feelings.

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The bike has some of the utmost convenient features. You will like the brakes, seats, pedals, and handlebars.

You get more options of size to pick from this mode.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bike

This model is perfect for students. It has high-quality materials that make riding comfortable and easy.

Product specs

Tires:   1.95-inch wide whitewall semi-slick

Handlebars:     Adjustable

Fenders: Yes

Brakes:            Pedal-backward coaster

Key features

It has high handlebars.

The bike comes with an aluminum frame.


This model is durable with a robust design for heavyweight people.

It can stop mud flashing.

It features shock-absorbing.

The bike has both classic and old-fashioned designs.


The bike does not have a suspension fork.

The bike design may not be great.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike is built for tall and heavy riders. It has a reliable gearing system and robust construction.

The bike has high handlebars for standing and riding. It offers you seven=speed gear that can handle every terrain.

It has a rear rack and fender for safety and comfort.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Bike

Are you female searching for any of the best bikes for college students? You can make use of this model.

Product specs

Tires:   2-inch semi-slick

Handlebars:     Adjustable

Fenders: Yes

Brakes:            Front and rear

Key features

It has an aluminum frame.

The bike has seven-speed gears.

It has front and rear hand brakes.


The bike is durable and lightweight.

The bike is easy to use and store.

It offers a curvy and sophisticated design.

The bike comes with thick wheels and tires.


The bike can only handle up to 300 pounds.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Bike is a beautiful bike for women. It comes with a curve-shaped design.

It is lightweight and equipped with a front fork for safety. The bike comes with 80% assembled.

Raleigh Talus 1 Bike

Raleigh Talus 1 Bike is versatile for students.

Product specs

Tires:   N/A

Handlebars:     N/A

Fenders:          Yes

Brakes:            Alloy V-brakes

Key features

The bike has a tensile MTB steel frame.

It has SR fork

The bike comes with Shimano EZ-Fire Trigger shifters


The bike is suitable for heavyweight riders.

It is efficient and durable.

It has great choices of size and speed.

A lot of people can make use of this bike.


It does not have fenders and disk brakes

The versatility of the bike is something riders will enjoy. It can suit any gender. The bike comes with five sizing options.

The bike’s frame is made of high-tensile steel. This provides comfortable rides and high durability.

The Shimano Trigger shifters have 21-speed options for the most optimal performance.

Best Bikes for College Students

The best bikes for college students buyer guide

Basic Needs

You should consider the basic needs of what you need the bike to offer you.  We have different types of bikes that present themselves when you want to buy one.

For women:  You should pick the model that is light in weight, compact in size and specialized components such as handle brakes and steering wheel.

It should have eye-catching colors and safety features.

For men: You should pick a durable, masculine design with a sturdy frame. It should be able to withstand large loads.


When you have found the basic requirements for your bike, you should consider the size of your bike.

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Safety is important when buying a bike. This means you should get the right size for your bike. Consider your physique when buying a bike.

This can help prevent accidents and keep you in safety when riding your bike.


If you are a male, you should think of getting the right size frame for a bike. Men who are about 1.75 meters tall or taller should pick 18 inches.

Those who are around 1.75 meters or less to 1.60 meters, should pick size 17 inches or 16 inches.

Ladies with height 1.50 meters can make use of 15 inches.

Safety Ensure

You should make sure that you consider safety when buying any of the best bikes for college students.

A bicycle has numerous parts such as saddle, frame, wheels, handlebar, transmission parts, and rims, including brakes.

These parts are assembled and arranged for a stable and smooth ride. Every part of the bike should be evaluated.

The two most important parts you should consider are the brakes and the chassis.

Chassis:  You have to consider the chassis because that would help you determine the quality of a bike. The frame structure should be made from great materials.

These materials include titanium, an alloy of steel, aluminum, and carbon.

Steel and aluminum alloys are popular because they are reliable, durable, and affordable. Titan and carbon are too expensive.

Brakes: The brakes are the most important and indispensable part of any moving bike. Sportbike models often have disc brakes or rims.

Replaceable Parts

You should think of the replaceable parts before you buy your bike. It is vital to know what to do when you buy a bike.

The replaceable parts should be something you can buy when they are spoilt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best bikes for college students?

We can recommend the Schwinn models. They are great and have high-quality materials. The manufacturer is reputable for decades.

How many types of bikes?

We have three types of bikes on the market. They include the terrain bike, mountain bike, and road bike.

Each class has been designed for each different user.

Should I buy an old bike?

Before you buy an old bike, you must be knowledgeable about bikes. You have to know what to consider in a good bike.

If you have no idea about bikes, you can make your research or allow someone who is experienced to help you.

However, a new bike is safer if you have no idea what to do with an old bike.

How long is the warranty period for bikes?

This depends on the brand and distributor. Bikes come with different warranties that can range between when 12-36 months.

How to assemble bicycles?

You can find most bikes partially assembled. You can make use of the manual instruction for assembling.

Do I need a bike for college?

You should consider your budget and environment. If you want something cheaper and easy to maintain as a student, a bike is great.


When you want to buy any of the best bikes for college students, you should look out for some of the factors we mentioned.

Each of the bikes highlighted is great and super cool. You can make your choice from our list.

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