7 Holiday Destinations for First Time Travelers

Holiday Destinations You Can’t Resist 

The dream of visiting your dream holiday destinations can only be explained by the things you want to do when you visit some of these tourist spots.

Around the world, we have countless holiday destinations that can keep you busy throughout the year, and yet, you have not covered half of them.

Hoilday destinations

Assuming that you have the opportunity of leaving your country, which cities do you intend to visit?  

Most of the countries around the world have their languages, cultures, and cuisines, especially non-English speaking countries.

You have to prepare to blend with your new environment and make proper arrangements for your accommodation, and other travel essentials.

 Dream holiday destinations to visit

We have listed some of the dream holiday destinations you can visit when you are ready to travel.


Who doesn’t love Paris as their weekend or holiday getaway? 

Paris offers first-time visitors an inspiring grandeur they would not forget in a long time.

Among the holiday destinations to visit on earth, Paris has an intimacy you cannot place your hands on. It leaves you lost in the wonders and pumps your adrenaline to explore the city.

Paris has a real sense of community for everyone, ranging from markets, local shops, and cafes. Every day is exciting in Paris, making it one of the coveted places in the world.

It has hidden corners to spend your day and the French cuisine is out of this world.


Dubai is a city of beauty and adoration. Over the years, Dubai has proven that it has no competitor in its uniqueness.

When you come to Dubai, you would realize that most mega cities in the world are overrated in their beauty compared to what you see in Dubai.

Dubai has been built to bring the future to the present. Its architectural marvel offers an ambitious futuristic vision blended with its profound tradition.

Hoilday destinations


London is among the holiday destinations that attract millions of tourists every year. The city is a magnet of good things and ancient landmarks. 

The ‘Englishness’ of the city glares boldly at you, especially when you visit some of its magnificent tourist attractions.

London assures its first-time visitors of luxury, pure relaxation, adventure, and bliss. From its history to culture, to its fine food and lifestyle, London got you covered.

Nightlife in London is vibrant, while its love for football is crazy. You cannot miss many of its familiar landmarks like the London Eye, Thames, Big Ben, and the Tower Bridge.

Exotic holiday destinations to visit

Some holiday destinations are magical and irresistible to abandon when you see them in pictures. Here are a few of these holiday destinations”

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is notoriously famous for its entertainment and tourism. The Sin City is the playground of the rich, gambling, and pleasure.

It mesmerizes its visitors with its extravagant hotels, theme parks, casinos, cuisines, and tourist attractions. 

Hoilday destinations


East meets West at the enchanting city of Istanbul. The fame minarets are a few of what awaits you when you visit Istanbul.

It has layers of history that gradually open for visitors when they walk the streets, visit tourist spots, and seen its extraordinary culture.

Istanbul’s business dynasties are endowed with festivals, galleries, and an array of museums. The city is among the holiday destinations you cannot resist.


The enchanting city of Marrakech is one of the African’s treasured holiday destinations. 

Marrakech calms your nerves and offers you peaceful tranquility that makes you take things easy here.

It brims with palaces, mosques, markets, and gardens, offering you adventurous sports to explore.

Tour the intimate courtyards, and the snake alleyways of the Medina, with never a dull moment to get bored in the city.

New York City

Last on our list of holiday destinations to visit is New York; a hotbed of adventure and tourism. New York City is the epicentre of dining, arts, and shopping.

The city attracts an irresistible feat for its visitor in its many tourist attractions like the High Line, the Hudson River Park, and the famous Brooklyn Bridge Park.

These holiday destinations do not cry for attention, they have everything you desire in any dream holiday location. 


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