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There are loads of bridges in the world; but the all are not among the top ten and neither are they as attractive as to be considered. These less attractive bridges are still among the activated ones. The well known ones are as follow:-

Sunshine Skyway Bridge


The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a well known one. The suspension bridge was inaugurated on 1954 and is still a well known one. The bridge spans over Tampa Bay, Florida with the cable stay major extension. The bridge is built of steel and it’s concrete. The construction of the recent bridge started in 1982. The bridge passes through the St Petersburg and Terra Ceia, Florida and passing through Hillsborough. The Florida Legislature recently named this bridge as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs

The bridge of Sighs is the bridge in Venice. The bridge is completed of limestone; the windows are made of stone bars. The extension of the bridge is from Rio de Palazzo and it connects the New Prison with that of the Doge’s Palace. The bridge name is given after the Lord Byron, in 19th Century. The name got its significance through the sighing of the prisoners before they are taken down to their jails. The small time criminals covered the palace roof.

Loopline Bridge

Loopline bridge

The Loopline Bridge is a railway bridge which extends from River Liffey to Dublin. The bridge was created in 1891 and it consists of the wrought iron, lattice girders on the double row of piers. The bridge had been necessary to be created for its capability to link between north and south Dublin. It’s over a century that the bridge has taken its place in the debated issue. This is not a very good looking, appreciative bridge which has got its listing among the top five or ten; but still it has taken the mark in the advertising billboards.

Megyeri Bridge

Megyeri Bridge

The Megyeri Bridge is a very well known bridge in Budapest; no doubt, they are less attractive, but, the Megyeri Bridge is also the youngest bridge among the lot. The bridge was opened on 2008; the bridge is 1862 m long and 35 m wide; it is cable stayed and have the cost around 63 billion forints. The bridge can be crossed by foot as well as bicycle. A visiting center was built in between the two pillars in ‘A’ section. This bridge has scored the place of being fourth among the list of less attractive bridges.

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

The chain bridge in Budapest is a very well known; since it’s the oldest bridge in the Budapest. The Chain Bridge attracts the tourists every year. It offers nicest news with the Buda castle in the background. One can walk upto the tunnel for a full view of the bridge through the lions. The bridge attaches the castle constituency and the Clark Ádám Square. The bridge was rebuilt on its 100th centenary; today it stands royally tall ever since its reconstruction.

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