5 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

The best women’s mountain bikes

We have different types of the best women’s mountain bikes on the market. Whether you are a career or stay-at-home mum, you can make use of these bikes.

Are you thinking of buying mountain bikes? You can consider some of the best women’s mountain bikes you can pick from different brands.

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Today, we more specific mountain bikes for women than ever. We have created a list of some of the best women’s mountain bikes you can consider.

Comparison Table – Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Name Frame Material Wheel Size Style Size Number of Gears Rating
Diamondback Lux 2 Aluminum 26” Hardtail S – L 18 5.0
Co-op Cycles DRT 3.2 Aluminum 26” Hardtail XS – XL 12 4.8
GHOST Lanao 5.7 Aluminum 27.5” Hardtail S – M 11 4.1
Marin Rift Zone 1 Aluminum 27.5” Full Suspension S – XL 10 4.3
Salsa Horsethief SLX 29 Aluminum / Carbon 29” Full Suspension S – XL 12 4.7


This list provides a range of styles of riding and abilities for women.  When considering some of the mountain bikes, you should not compromise on price and quality.

The handlebars and saddles that are women-specific are some of the features you should consider too. Here is a list of some of the best women’s mountain bikes:

Reviews – The best women’s mountain bikes

GHOST Lanao 5.7

Are you thinking of buying a mountain bike? Ghost Lanao 5.7 can be your ideal bike.


Frame Material: Aluminum

Size: S – M

Style: Hardtail

Wheel Size: 27.5”

Number of Gears: 11

Key Features

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

The bike comes with a high-end componentry.

It has low standover height. That means that the rider can easily touch the ground.

It comes with disc brakes for better stopping power.

The bike is perfect for fun flow trains. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is geometrically designed with a low standover height. That ensures that the rider can touch the ground.

The bike is fit for beginners and great for experienced users.  The bike comes with a 27.5” wheel size that offers an optimal mix of speed, control, and maneuverability.

Its wheels are great for different terrains that include hard-packed, rocky, and muddy surfaces.  You experience a fast acceleration when you start riding.

Co-op Cycles DRT 3.2

What do you know about Co-op Cycles DRT 3.2? The bike comes as one of the best women’s mountain bikes you can get on the market.


Frame Material: Aluminum

Size: XS – XL

Style: Hardtail

Wheel Size: 26”

Number of Gears: 12

Key Features

Compatible with mudguards/fenders

The bike comes with strengthened frame designed for durability.

The bike has disc brakes for better stopping power.

This bike will offer you unbeatable features and great value for your money.  Co-Op Cycles DRT 3.2 is developed for tight and technical terrain.

It has strengthened frame and high-quality components, and these components are lightweight to allow you to climb the hills without difficulties.

It has a front suspension that is paired with mid-size 26” wheels. That ensures that trails feel smoother and allow you to ride fast.

This bike offers fun to riders with its great features.

Salsa Horsethief SLX 29

Salsa Horsethief SLX 29 is among the best bikes for your mountain riding.


Frame Material: Aluminum / Carbon

Size: S – XL

Style: Full Suspension

Wheel Size: 29”

Number of Gears: 12


Keys Features

It comes with a versatile geometry. That helps to fit a variety of riding styles.

It offers a 120mm front suspension. This helps to smooth rough terrain.

The bike is lightweight and comes with a rugged design.

The bike is fit for versatile riding.  The bike is great for flowy mountain biking, traditional fast biking, technical terrain, steep climbs, or gnarly climbing down.

The Salsa Horsethief is comfortable for women of all shapes and sizes.  It has a durable frame, lightweight, and a long-travel suspension to help you with comfort when riding on rough terrain.

The bike has bells and whistles and inspires confidence in riders.

Diamondback Lux 2: best women’s mountain bikes

You will want to ride on Diamondback Lux 2, a super functional mountain bike.


Frame Material: Aluminum

Size: S – L

Style: Hardtail

Wheel Size: 26”

Number of Gears: 18

Key Features

The bike has a low standover height that allows you to touch the ground with ease.

It comes with disc brakes for better stopping power.

It comes with a limited lifetime frame warranty.

The bike comes in a women’s specific design.

This bike is great for family fitness and fun. You can use it for open dirt and flat roads, parks, and light trails.  Its frame design is perfect for women and allows them to touch the ground.

The Diamondback Lux 2 comes with high handlebars.

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Marin Rift Zone 1

When it comes to the best women’s mountain bikes, you can make use of Marin Rift Zone 1.


Frame Material: Aluminum

Size: S – XL

Style: Full Suspension

Wheel Size: 27.5”

Number of Gears: 10

Keys Features

It comes with a strong and lightweight frame.

It comes with high-end components.

The bike comes with disc brakes for better stopping power.

The bike is best for your all day adventures. If you want the best women’s mountain bikes with full suspension, you can consider the Marin Rift Zone 1.

The bike is affordable and does not lack performance, fund, fastness, agility.  It comes with 29″ wheels for easy rolling over extremely technical terrain and maintains a fast and smooth ride.

The bike is designed with reliable and high-quality componentry. You can use it with ease because of its great features.

 Things to consider in best women’s mountain bikes

Before you buy the best women’s mountain bikes, you should consider different factors. These bikes are fitted with ergonomically designed features that suit women.

Some of the features to consider include women’s specific saddle, narrower handles, and great frame geometry.

The features allow women to have control and confidence when they use their mountain bikes.  The bike allows its users to ride on different terrains because of its features and geometry.

You have to take into account the features that you want to see on your bike.  This helps you with safety and comfortable riding.

Best women’s mountain bikes: riding style

The following are some of the riding styles for the best women’s mountain bikes:

Family Fun

When it comes to riding mountain bikes for the ladies, they can spend time with loved ones on bikes. They can enjoy a casual ride through open spaces and explore the outdoors.

You do not have to compete or go for a challenging ride, you can enjoy riding with other family members. For this type of riding, you require a  low-cost hardtail mountain bike.

Trail riding

For trail riding, we have different best women’s mountain bikes for such biking.  This type of riding does not require a more technical approach.

You can use it for your casual trail biking. For this biking, you can go for the hardtail with front suspension alone.

Cross Country Mountain Biking: best women’s mountain bikes

When it comes to the best women’s mountain bikes, you can consider going for cross country mountain biking.  This involves more challenging and technical riding.

You are entailed to experience steeper climbing, narrower trails called singletrack, and descents, including technical trails.

The rider will come across tree roots, rocks, and difficult terrains.  This riding demands concentration to help you navigate and descend with ease.

If you want to experience this type of biking, you should go for the light full suspension or hardtail bike.

Enduro or all Mountain

All mountain and Enduro can be wider when it comes to the best women’s mountain bikes.  They are rougher but no less technical than the cross country trails.

Riders make use of gnarly and steep descents that come with slightly steep bike climbing. You do not have to go down at full speed. You can make use of the full suspension mountain bikes for the Enduro riding.


When you want to explore the downhill, you should consider moving over massive rock sections, rough terrains, and more technicalities.

You will have to conquer human-made jumps, downhill corners, and loose surfaces.  Your aim is to get downhill as fast as you can.

You do not need all the best women’s mountain bikes for this challenging ride. You require the heavy duty full suspension bike.

Do not forget that the emphasis for this type of bike should be on strength rather than weight. That means you should go for a robust and durable bike for your downhill biking.

Stronger bikes are needed to conquer this type of riding challenge.

Hardtail vs. Full Suspension

When you are considering the best women’s mountain bikes, you can compare hardtail and full suspension bikes.  The suspension you select depends on what you want to do with your bike.

You should understand the trail you are using and where you are going to ride to help you pick the appropriate bike for you.

If you pick the wrong mountain bike, it might affect your performance. For those who want the less technical terrain riding with more climbing, they need the lighter bikes.

The hardtail bikes are perfect for such biking and for those who want something rough and gnarly, they need the full suspension bikes. These bikes come with  front and rear suspension.

The Budget

best women’s mountain bikes do not come free. You must pay for any of them. The components, styles, and materials of the bike determine the cost of a mountain bike.

The costs of these bikes vary from brand and model.  You should not jump into buying a mountain bike without doing your research.

Best women’s mountain bikes: features


The hardtail bikes come with suspension at the front only.  This type of bike is great for cross country and trail riding.  The hardtail bike allows you move over uneven terrains and small bumps.

However, rugged trails are not its specialty. You need to go for another type of bike if you want something different.


“Travel” is simply how far the bike’s suspension can take you when you use it. For those using the mountain bike, it offers 130mm of travel.

While the suspension compresses at 130mm.  When a bike has more travel suspension, the better, and plusher will you enjoy the ride.  This type of bike is fitted for rough terrains.


If you are searching for the best women’s mountain bikes with full suspension mountain bikes, you should consider getting one that has suspension at its front and rear.

The amount of travel on your bike allows you to decide the style of riding you can use it for. For the full suspension bikes, they are great for downhill, Enduro, and All Mountain riding styles.


The wheels come in different diameters that include 26”, 27.5”, and 29.”  The three diameters are the common sizes you found on the best women’s mountain bikes.

The modern bikes for your mountain ride should have any of the three wheels’ diameters.  You should know the size of your wheels, including tyres.

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes


What do you know about bicycle frames? The frame has the main part of every bike. It can be made from carbon or aluminum.

The frame is an important component of the bike that you cannot ignore.  It is designed for different riding styles and varies in terms of ergonomics and geometry.


The disc brakes should be among the factors you should consider when buying your mountain bike. Most of the best women’s mountain bikes come with disc brakes for your stopping power.

If you want to have control over your stopping, you should go for bikes with disc brakes. The caliper of the bike functions like a clamp.

It can drip the metal rotor on the bike’s wheel to ensure that the bike is stopped immediately.


The rim brakes is for your brakes and work as the disc brakes. It functions like a clamp. However, instead of it clamping to the bike’s metal rotor, it clamps to its wheel.

You should know that the stopping force is not as great on rim brakes as disc, but they are suitable for mountain bikes that are used on relatively flat trails that don’t require significant stopping power.

With this article, you can get a suitable mountain bike for your various riding styles.

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