2020 Tourists Wonderlands To Visit

A lot of us would always want to have an experience in some cities around the world that they would always appreciate all through their lives. In 2020, we have a lot of plans of spending great time with our family and loved ones.

However, it is not all the destinations in the world that would quench your thirst during a vacation. Some of the things that you have ever wished to happen during your vacation can easily be achieved in some of these great wonderlands that we have listed for you.



Paris is where everyone wants to be, at least people who love shopping and tourism. In this city of lovers, you are enticed to experience some of the world’s luxury euphoria in Champs-Elysees. You are allowed to live like a king when you are in this city when you come to shop.

There are so many specialist watch makers that you would find here like Cartier. You can visit the the Arc de Triomphe and other parts of Paris to have a lovely shopping experience.



In Eveleigh being in the midst of West Hollywood looking like a garden party, it has a barn like back room which is the patio and one of the best places in town, Eveleigh has two bars courtesy of the builders who were on the mission of building the best, built two bars.

One of the bars is located at the back of the patio there you can order for your stellar cocktails while looking out at the dazzling city in its splendor.

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach has become a world attraction. You cannot see less of tourists here because they are so many things you can do here. If you are curious of discovering a beach that has a lot of amusement and exciting activities, you should be talking about Miami Beach. In the night, the flashy clubs would make it worth visiting while the day offers visitor a time to experience the beauty of beach life.

Cliff’s Edge

Cliff's Edge

In cliff’s Edge the patio is of two levels a Ficus tree holds court in the center which is surrounded by an empty clam shells and candelabras, the tables are set to form a horseshoe around the tree, with the bamboo shooting out and a pond at the back the second level of seats looks like a long hut perched.

The chefs works behind a window into the kitchen towards the front small service bar that turns to oyster station every Thursday night from 6pm, lots of, piles of lemons and platters of crushed ice and oysters are served. The cliff’s Edge is seen while standing at the twisty Sunset Boulevard without suspecting that the Cliff has a hidden oasis at the back.

These places cannot be exchanged for any place in the world. You would have some of the best moments of your life when you come to any of these wonderlands that have become the tourists first choice when they want to do something extraordinary in 2020.

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