15 Top English Countryside Destinations

The Top English Countryside Destinations to Visit

There is a special feeling you experience when you explore some of the top English countryside destinations.

These top English countryside destinations offer visitors rural escapes that come with patchwork hills, dramatic dales, ancient woodlands, and winding country roads.

Top English Countryside Destinations

Thinking of the top English countryside destinations you can explore this season, we have some of the finest places for you.

Step away from the hustling and bustling of the cities and experience peace and calmness in these countryside destinations.

Top English countryside destinations


Cheshire is a beautiful countryside with cheese and cats around.  Many people come to enjoy the calmness and serenity of the place.

The stately houses and beautiful gardens are some of the things you cannot forget in a hurry, long after you have left Cheshire.

You can explore the country inns and sweeping vistas, not forgetting the historic places.


Welcome to Essex, the inspiring country destination with rolling landscapes, picturesque surroundings, and beautiful villages.

Essex has many spectacular gardens, parks, and lots of other tourist attractions.  Enjoy cycling and walking in this part of the world.


Who would not want to visit top English countryside destinations like Dorset?  The make-believe kingdom of Thomas Hardy is here.

Most part of Dorset has become Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You will find some of England’s popular and protected monuments here.

East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire has miles of scenery countryside, chalk streams, market towns, and valleys.  Relax in this original countryside that still has the village feelings.

It was at St Mary that Lewis Carroll got the inspiration to write Alice in Wonderland.

Bronte Country

Many fans of Emily Bronte come here to see the setting of most of her novels. This place is extremely homely and beautiful, especially if you visit Haworth.

Bronte Country has many places to visit like the Haworth Moor and the ruined farmhouse.


Hampshire is a writers’ haven, offering visitors tranquility and comfort. Thinking of escaping the noise and uneasy in the cities, Hampshire should be your dream destination.

Jane Austen wrote Pride And Prejudice here.

Beautiful Top English Countryside Destinations

Kenmore, Perthshire

Top English countryside destinations like Kenmore in Perthshire are the home of whitewashes properties along river Kenmore.

You can abandon everything you came to do in Kenmore and go for fishing.

Nene Washes, Cambridgeshire

Nene Washes is where you find some of the exotic and rare birds.  Nothing prepares you for the dragonflies’ activities in the evening or the numerous activities happening here.

You can take a romantic or nerve-calming walk.


Lancashire is among the top English countryside destinations that bring hundreds of tourists to it. The countryside has many attraction spots for you to visit.

You can soak yourself in the luxury and comfort in Lancashire.

Hadrian’s Wall Country

A visit to Hadrian’s Wall Country brings you closer to home. The destination has many things for you to achieve before you leave.

Thinking of a tearoom or a bistro, you have more than enough to keep yourself rejuvenated.

Top English Countryside Destinations


The Liverpool Club has its prestigious home here. The city is famous for its culture, making it perfect for culture and gastronomes vulture together.

The New Forest

Come to New Forest and enjoy a world filled with relaxation and comfort.  Horse riders and cyclists have the best roads to ride their gadgets.

Top English countryside destinations like the New Forest is full of life and offers you a home sweet home.

North Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire is a battle to be conquered when it comes to homemade cookies and ice cream.

The countryside is filled with things you left at home, and even cause you the nostalgia for the local meals.

Top English Countryside Destinations


Oxfordshire is an escape into the rural. We have many places you can use for your romantic or weekend getaways.

We have numerous places you visit before leaving Oxfordshire.

East Lincolnshire

Visit East Lincolnshire for that quiet place and experiences you attend, but must learn more about the city before you give it up.

These places offer you the best vacation spot for solo travelers and those who want to raise the bucket list to exciting wishes.





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