11 Things Not to Do on a Plane

The things not to do on a plane

When we want to use the airplane for our traveling, we should know the things not to do on a plane. We have a goal of reaching our destination in comfort and safety, but must follow some strict rules.

You should learn to stay away from the things not to do on a plane. What are the things not to do on a plane?

Things Not to Do on a Plane

Simple things not to do on a plane

The following are the things not to do on a plane:

You Should  Not Try New Medications for the First Time

One of the things not to do on a plane is to try a new medication for the first time.  Imagine suffering from hallucination 35,000 feet above the ground because of your meditation.

You should not take your meditation on a flight if you have not taken it before.  This helps you stay away from emergencies on a plane.

You Should Not Tune Out the Safety Briefing

While the safety briefing can be boring, but that information can save you.  You should take some time to figure out everything about emergency exits.

Most people do not think that is necessary, but you should know the number of rows away from your seat and the nearest emergency exit.

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What are the Things Not to Do on a Plane?

You Must Not Joke About Bombs

One of the things not to do on a plane is to joke about bombs. Life-threatening situations must not be used to play around on your flight.

You must not pose a security risk with jokes or you can be removed from the flight and handed over to the police.

You Must Not Recline Your Seat During Mealtimes

When the food and drink carts begin to roll down the aisles, you should not recline your seat.  You should not discomfort the person behind you with your seat.

Don’t Drink Too Much

You might have a glass of wine with dinner. However, over-indulging in alcohol can cause you a lot of trouble.

You could be kicked off your plane or suffer from dehydration when you drink too much.  No one wants to have a drunk or someone reeking of alcohol close on a flight.

Things Not to Do on a Plane

You Should Not Eat Stinky Food

Eating stinky food should be one of the things not to do on a plane. You should not discomfort those seating closest to you with your meal.

Take, for instance, eating meals with a plate of onion rings or a tuna sandwich can be a total turn-off in your flight. Meals that leave you with bad breath should be avoided too.

What things not to do on a plane?

You Must Not Abuse the Flight Attendant Call Button

Remember, keeping you safe is the first duty of the flight attendants. However, that must not include catering to your every whim.

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You should learn to respect the attendant call button.  You should only use the button when necessary. You must not wake others with your constant whims.

Do Not Put Your Carry-on in an Overhead Bin Where You’re Not Sitting

One of the things not to do on a plane is putting your carry-on in an overhead bin where you have no plan to sit.

You cannot stop others from putting their carry-on because you occupied their position.  You should make use of your overhead bin space to avoid unnecessary issues when departing or boarding.

Don’t Put a Bag Overhead If It Can Go Under the Seat

You should learn to use your overhead space only. You must not the circle in a square when it comes to putting your bag in other people’s space.

No one wants to be left stranded when it comes to using the overhead.

Things Not to Do on a Plane

You Must Not Inflict Your feet on Other Passengers

Things not to do on a plane include not inflicting your feet on others. You should learn to keep your leg away from others.

For those suffering from bromodosis; which is smelly feet, they should avoid removing their shoes. That can cause unnecessary issues in your flight.

The Things Not to Do on a Plane to Know

Don’t Infringe on Your Neighbors’ Screen or Space

The last thing on things not to do on a plane should include not infringing on the screen or space of your seatmate.

Learn to avoid hogging the armrests, manspreading, flipping your ponytail to obscure the video screen of those behind, or other obnoxious behaviors.

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