11 Flight Search Sites for Booking Cheap Airfare

The Flight Search Sites for Cheap Airfare

Wondering the flight search sites for your affordable airfare, we have many options for you. The best deal is what many travelers desire when it comes to booking websites.

The option of booking directly with flight search sites offers you many websites to search through your destination route.

Flight Search Sites

The Best Flight Booking Sites

Here is a rundown of the best flight search sites when it comes to booking cheap airfare.


Have you used Travelocity for your traveling?  Expedia is in charge of Travelocity, which makes it easier for you to get the best from the site.

The homepage is designed with great travel features you would want to use for your booking.  Travelocity has a great rating for each flight itinerary with 1-10 scale score.

The rating takes into consideration, type of aircraft, duration of the flight, and  “quality of amenities” available onboard.

With the itinerary a clear scores, it is easier to make your booking.


Expedia is among the best flight search sites for your cheap airfare booking.  The site is similar to Travelocity.

However, fares vary when it comes to some of their searches. Expedia up-sells on adding a hotel to travelers’ itinerary, which saves cost.

You should compare prices before you think of booking your flight.  The site has a “Show flexible dates” option, which helps you check cheaper flights available when you shift your flight.

Flight Search Sites


CheapOair is among our top-flight search sites, designed like Expedia and Travelocity.  OneTravel and CheapOair are owned by Fareportal Inc.

You get the same booking fee when you use OneTravel and CheapOair. However, their fare results come differently. You can check both before booking.

CheapOair shows travelers “Super Saver Fares,” which leaves you in the dark when it comes to the airline you will use and the baggage fees until you have booked.


Tripadvisor is always on the list of best flight search sites.  While the site is popular for its hotel reviews, you can use the site and rate airlines.

You can search for airfare when you use TripAdvisor Flights.  The site offers amazing search supports such as a checkbox for prioritizing nonstop flights.

TripAdvisor’s flight search tool offers review-based FlyScores of airlines alongside their fares.


Skyscanner is among the best flight search sites, which works as a metasearch site. With the site, you can specify nonstop-flights-only right from the homepage.

Flight Search Sites

Its search results offer the “best” option based on a combination of price and speed. You find the cheapest and fastest airline by the number of stops, flight times, alliance, and airline.

Skyscanner offers a unique “Greener flights” filter, which shows only itineraries with lower-than-average CO2 emissions based on your search.

The best flight search sites for your bookings


OneTravel takes after the Google Flights’ calendar search feature in its interface.  Simply enter your destination airports and departure, and the date field offers up a calendar with prices pre-populated.

A drawback is that it charges a steep service fee of up to $35 per ticket.


TravelZoo is designed to be different. It offers you broad timelines for deals in your desired destination by season or month.

The site is one of the best flight search sites you can use if you are on a budget and time frame. It offers flexibility requirements for business owners.

Google Flights Website

Google Flights offers you a powerful, simple metasearch site, which comes with no distractions and ads. You enter your arrival airports and departure and the calendar pre-populates with prices.


Kayak is among the most powerful metasearch best flight search sites. However, the interface is noisy because of a preponderance of ads.

Kayak has a flexible search feature that lets you search for good deals to a region.


Momondo is like Kayak as a metasearch website. It offers flight times and other details from the carrier, except price.

Nomad from Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com is designed as an OTA. We listed it as one of the best flight search sites. You can find some of the cheapest itineraries for multi-destination trips.




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