10 Top Weekend Romantic Getaways in Nigeria

The Top Weekend Romantic Getaways to Visit

Nigeria has numerous top weekend romantic getaways you can visit to unwind and have a memorable time with friends and family.

You can go solo if you want to pamper yourself in any of these top weekend romantic getaways. Whether you are in Nigeria for business or leisure, these destinations are a must-visit.

Top Weekend Romantic Getaways

Many visitors to Nigeria do not often get the best of the country because they are mesmerized by the culture, cuisine, and lifestyle of the people.

While some of the top weekend romantic getaways in the country are popular among tourists, a few is a hidden gem.

The top weekend romantic getaways to unwind

We have listed a few of the top weekend romantic getaways in Nigeria you can visit.

Tinapa Resort

Tinapa Resort is a popular destination in Nigeria. While the Calabar Christmas Carnival makes it a must-visit destination. The resort can be enjoyed with fewer crowds over a weekend.

The Tinapa Resort is among the top weekend romantic getaways that will leave you breathless with activities and relaxation.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Some distance away from the Tinapa Resort is the beautiful Obudu Mountain Resort. The Mountain resort has its own weather compared to the tropical weather Nigeria experiences.

The resort is an outdoor paradise that offers tourists numerous fun activities that include hiking, swimming, sightseeing, and relaxation.

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The coveted cuisine from the local people is one of the things you cannot resist.  Enjoy a romantic getaway in this hidden location.

Top Weekend Romantic Getaways

Abraka Turf and Country Club

Top weekend romantic getaways like the Abraka Turf and Country Club are for pure relaxation and opulence.

The country club is designed to give you the feeling of fun and comfort. The euphoria of the surrounding is cool and peaceful.

If you are in Delta State, escape the hustling of the city and get lost in the tranquility of this destination, located along a bank of a river.

La Manga Luxury Villas

La Manga Luxury Villas is a romantic destination to visit. Rejuvenate when you take a trip to this destination.

La Manga Luxury Villas is one of the top weekend romantic getaways. You take a boat ride to reach this paradise.

The coconut trees, irresistible scenery, fantastic coastlines, and envious surroundings are what await you when you come to the villas.

Which of the top weekend romantic getaways will you visit?

Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

Coming to Akwa Ibom is a dream come true for many tourists. The beautiful and calm city has many top weekend romantic getaways.

However, Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort can give you the relaxation and attention you desire. It takes you away from the city’s noise and brings you home to luxury.

Top Weekend Romantic Getaways

It offers tourists myriad of interests that you cannot resist.

La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana is among our top weekend romantic getaways.  Its beauty takes you away.

The exclusive beach resort offers you lustful pleasure and irresistible activities that keep the whole weekend exciting for you.

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Have a fun filled weekend when you visit this beach.

Eko Tourist Resort

Have you heard of the Eko Tourist Resort? The destination is among the top weekend romantic getaways that you cannot ignore when you visit Nigeria.

The perfect weekend getaway is washed by opulence and the good things of life.  You have some of the finest décor and amenities in this place.

The Whispering Palms

Forget about Lagos and its numerous beautiful things and come to the Whispering Palms.  The destination is in Badagry, the sacred tourist haven with much historic significance.

The boat ride, soothing environment, surprises, and calmness will endure you to this place. We must warn you, this place is enchanting to leave.

Epe Resort and Spa

Epe Resort and Spa is among our top weekend romantic getaways. For those who want to be spoiled rotten with pleasure and relaxation, this place is a must-visit

MicCom Golf Resort

For those who want to explore the country, they can first stop here for their weekend experience before visiting other places.

MicCom Golf Resort is in its class, offering tranquility, spectacular views, glittering nights, natural wonders, and peace.

These top weekend romantic getaways are some of the places you can visit when next you come to Nigeria.





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