10 Burj Al Arab Facts to Know

The Burj Al Arab Facts That Stand Out

Everyone knows Burj Al Arab is a luxurious hotel in Dubai, but some of the Burj Al Arab facts will blow your mind.

We have listed some of the Burj Al Arab facts you should know to help you use the hotel better whenever you visit Dubai.

 Burj Al Arab Facts

You may have visited some great hotels around the globe, if you have not been to Burj Al Arab in Dubai, then your journey to some of the finest and luxurious hotels is not complete.

Talking about Dubai, it has become a sort of Mecca to thousands around the world. Indeed, this has become a home to some of the wealthiest men and women in the world.

Not to forget that celebrities including footballers and heads of states come here for vacation.

Forget about the hundreds of attractions in Dubai and make a visit to Burj Al Arab, the hotel with the tallest suite in the world.

It has been dubbed a seven-star hotel. Some argued that it is a luxurious hotel on planet earth.

Burj Al Arab Facts

The Eiderdown Duvets

The eiderdown duvets in the hotel are some of the most luxurious on earth.  The duvets are the rarest and finest you can ever find.  The down is created from abandoned eider duck nests in Iceland.

The Burj Al Arab Location

Some of the Burj Al Arab facts include knowing about its exclusive location, situated 280m off the shores of Dubai, and built on a man-made island.

You can visit the hotel through a bridge road that is 340m long. There is nothing as blissful as relaxing like a king or queen without a crown in a hotel where you are pampered.

The House Florists

One of the Burj Al Arab facts you might want to know is that the hotel has 16 in-house florists, who create the flower arrangements in the lobby.

The Interior

The interiors of the hotel are gilded in 24-carat gold, which was used to embellish the hotel’s opulent interiors.

Burj Al Arab Facts

The Swarovski Crystal Ceiling

The Burj Al Arab facts include knowing that the hotel has the largest Swarovski crystal ceiling in the world.

The Staturio Marble

The hotel has 24,000sqm of Statuario marble used throughout its property,  in the walls and flooring.

Things to know about Burj Al Arab facts

The Gland Entrance

Ten white Rolls Royce is available for the guests who are coming to the city from Dubai International Airport to the hotel or around Dubai.

There is even the helicopter transfer service that would give you a glamorous arrival to the city.

Amazing Burj Al Arab Facts

The Indoor Waterfall

Do not worry about the outside temperatures that may topple 40c, the inside of the hotel has numerous cooling water features.

There are three aquariums and in the hotel’s main entrance, there is a water geyser to the delight of the guests that holds over 20,000 litres of water.

The cascade waterfalls that is on the ground floor and the fountain on the hotel’s first floor is mind-blowing.

Swimming can be done in four pools, two are indoors while the remaining are outdoor. There is also a private beach.

The Turtle Hospital

The world’s only turtle hospital is seen here and it is under the hotel  It has over  600 sea turtles. It is a sort of attraction for kids and adults.

The Burj Al Arab Facts for Guests

The Rooms

Nothing as beautiful as the suite, you have 14 phones, a gold iPad, two televisions, and lots more to handle your quest for luxury and comfort.

 Burj Al Arab Facts

Every room has its butler and the staffs are well mannered and trained. You may not find the beauty of these rooms in another hotel.

This is the reason hundreds of people are seen coming to the hotel always. Do not mind the cost because it is not cheap. This is the reason why it is a very expensive and luxury hotel in Dubai.

Do you think you have had the best service in a hotel? Take a peek inside the world’s most luxurious hotel and confirm.





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